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Proven Top 3 Methods - Add Video To Amazon Listings in 2020

Why should you add a video to your Amazon listing?

Did you know that visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text? In fact, more than 80% of our experience of the world is perceived through our sense of sight.

For your customers, the process of shopping on Amazon is also a visual experience. As an Amazon seller, adding a video to your listing is no longer just an option but a necessity for success.

In this guide, we'll cover the top ways you can add videos to your Amazon product listing in 2019.

I also show you a hack for uploading videos to Amazon without Brand Registry or a Vendor Central Account.

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Where to upload Videos on Amazon listing

There are two places eligible Amazon sellers can upload a video and optimize their Amazon product listing.

Image block of your product listing

Add video to Amazon listing


Related video shorts section

Where To Add Amazon Video Shorts

How To Add Video To Amazon Listing

There are currently three different methods for adding videos to your Amazon product listings.

  1. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
  2. Vendor Central Sellers with A+ details Page
  3. Amazon Customer Video Reviews

Adding Videos With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Professional sellers who get approved as brand owners can use Enhanced Brand Content to upload videos to Amazon product listings.

Here is how:

1. In your Amazon Seller Central account, navigate to Advertising and click Enhanced Brand Content.

how to add a video to amazon listing


2. Enter your products SKU number and click "Get Started" to search for your product. Once the search is complete your product details will be displayed. Click the "Add Video" button.

add video to amazon product listing


3. The final step is to upload your video. Choose a thumbnail and fill out your product title and description. Once your finished, click "Submit".

Keep in mind, your product video could take  up to 6 hours to process and publish to your detail page.

How to remove a product video from Amazon

To remove a product video, navigate to video on your  Enhanced Brand Content das hboard. Check the “ delete video" from the detail page box. Submit your changes. Your video should be removed within 6 hours.

How To Add Video With Customer Reviews

The most common way to upload videos on Amazon listings is through customer reviews. Getting video reviews from your customers can have a lasting positive effect on your listing and FBA business.

Here are the steps for leaving Amazon video reviews

1. Navigate to the product detail page for the purchased item on Amazon

2. Click Write a customer review in the customer review section

3. Give the product star ratings

4. Once you start writing the review in the text box, the option for adding video or photos will appear.

adding photos or videos in amazon reviews


5. Once the video is uploaded, customers can simply click "Publish review" and the video will then be added to the "Related Video Shorts" section of the listing.

how to upload amazon related video shorts

How To Add Videos To Amazon Listings With Vendor Central

Adding videos through Amazon Vendor Central is often difficult. The only way to join Vendor Central is by an invitation from Amazon.

Unfortunately, unless you're doing more than $1 million in sales with amazing customer reviews, you most likely will not be a candidate for Vendor Central, yet.

If you have a Vendor Central account, here is how you can add a video to your product listing.

1. Upload the video to a file transfer service such as Dropbox. Once uploaded, copy the video's link your clipboard.

copy dropbox link


2. Login to Vendor Central and click  “Contact Us” in the upper right-hand corner. Chose “ Images and Videos” in the first dropdown and click “Video upload issues” in the second dropdown.

amazon vendor central images and videos


3. On the "Contact Us" page:

  • Change the case title to Upload Video
  • In the please describe issue field: Paste in the link to the video from the file transfer service in step one
  • Paste in one ASIN per line underneath Target ASINs
  • Once you paste your ASINs, click Submit to submit the case


Amazon will add the video to the product listing in 24-74 hours. Amazon support will NOT notify you once the video is uploaded to your listing. You’ll have to check the listing to see if it has been added every 24 hours or so.

Once added, the video will appear on your listing alongside the product images.

adding/uploading amazon product video

What if I don’t have a Vendor Central account or brand registry?  

 The only way you can add a video to your Amazon listing without having Amazon Brand Registry is to use third-party services or platforms like  Fiverr and  Jungle Market.

By simply searching “add a video to Amazon listing” on Fiverr you can find multiple Amazon vendors offering this service.

How to Add videos Without Brand Registry or Vendor Central 

This is the only way to add a video to your Amazon FBA product listing without having to register your brand or getting a trademark.

This process involves using  Fiverr to find Amazon vendors offering this service. Here is how:

1. Go to and type in "add video to Amazon listing."

fiverr search bar

2. Look over your potential options and pick one

fiverr amazon listings gig options


Keep in mind, the price for this service can range from $95+ to $25. The difference is due to the placement of the videos.

Videos posted on the image block of your listing under your product images will cost more than videos posted on the related video short section of your product page.

So how does this service work?

On Amazon, sellers don’t own their listings, Amazon does. As a result, other sellers have the ability to post and list their products under your listing. This is essentially the loophole that allows you to upload videos to your Amazon listing without Brand Registry.

Amazon vendors who have the ability to upload videos offer this service to you for a fee on platforms such as  Fiverr and  Jungle Market. Because they have the ability to post on your listing, they will upload your video on your listing for you.

What you'll need to post videos on Amazon through 3 party services:

  • High-quality video: in one of the following formats: 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG-2.
  • Thumbnail Image: with 16:9 aspect ratio and suggested dimensions of 1920 X 1080px. JPEG and PNG are both accepted formats.
  • Video Title: with 100 characters max.
  • Synopsis or a brief overview of the video for Amazon customers.
  • Video type: How to review, advertisement, comparison, unboxing, or interview.
  • Related ASINs: This can be a single ASIN or multiple ASINs the video relates to.

Amazon Product Video Guidelines

Amazon product video guidelines can be very strict. Always avoid violating their content policy and consult professionals if need be.

Avoid violating any of these product listing guidelines:

  • Mentioning a competitor’s product.
  • Using Price or Promotional information, including things like saying your prices are better.
  • Time-sensitive product information, like “on sale now”.
  • Providing shipping information, including free shipping.
  • Use of hyperbole, such as “#1 seller,” or “best-selling product”.
  • Using logos, brands or company names other than your own or the product you are showing.
  • Showing web address that leads visitors away from the Amazon platform.
  • Providing customer reviews, third-party quotes, or editorial content.
  • Providing contact information outside of the Amazon platform. 

The product video must be of high quality:

  •  An aspect ratio of 16:9, or the standard YouTube orientation.
  • Resolution of 1920×1080, or at least 1280×720.
  •  Recorded with the RGB color profile and a DPI of 300, although 72 might be acceptable.
  • Displaying only a single brand logo for your company.
  • Either 3GP, AVI, AAC, MP4, FLV, MOV, or MPEG-2 format. If you’ve done it in Apple ProRes, have them converted before you try to upload them.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

A product details page online is the equivalent of shelf space in physical stores. A fully optimized Amazon enhanced content or A+ details page create a better digital shopping experience and more engagement.

Here is a great example of A+ content.

amazon enhanced brand content a-plus content


Why Adding Videos on Amazon is critical to success

The goal of your product listing is to convert the customer to buying YOUR product over your competition. In 2019, there is no better conversion tool for online shopping than a video.

According to Viral Launch, after adding new videos to their Amazon listing, Pawstruck experienced:

  • 53% increase in revenue
  • 34% increase in conversion
  • 32% more transactions
  • 15% higher order values

By using this video, the outdoor retailer Kelty was able to increase their conversions 147%.

Furthermore, 1 in 4 eCommerce buyers will search for product videos on YouTube before purchasing.

There is a significant amount of data that shows video can help you get more sales on Amazon.

Now that you have an understanding of how important adding videos to Amazon listings can be, let’s examine exactly how to do just that.

Resource:  Virtuous Graphics Amazon Product Videos & Commercial

Amazon Product Video Service

If you're looking to add professional Amazon product videos to your listing, here is a great option.

Virtuous Graphics  offers three video packages for Amazon: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Package Price
Basic $900
Intermediate $1800
Advanced $3000

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Adding video to the Amazon product page is a good way to address your customer's roadblocks and uncertainty, so you can effectively put them at ease and convert them into a sale.

With over 50% of online shoppers now starting their product searches on Amazon; Amazon has become to online shopping, what Google is to information. This trend will only get bigger.

The Last Amazon Course has the most extensive Amazon  FBA content on the market. There are over 30+ videos on just Amazon photo and video optimization tips and advanced strategies to help you out sale your competitors.

This are the four possible methods for adding videos to the Amazon product page:

Adding a video to your Amazon listing is undoubtedly the right thing to do. However, you should be aware, adding high-quality videos to your listing is not cheap.

Depending on your product, between making, editing, and uploading your video could easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Use Virtuous Graphics for professional and cost-effective Amazon product video creation. They will save you money and help optimize your Amazon listing.

Check out the best Amazon product photography service for Amazon FBA.

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