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Aweber Email Automation & Feedback Review

Aweber is one of the best HTML email automation solutions on the market for Amazon sellers looking to increase their positive reviews.

Their software allows you to create opt-in forms, grow a mailing list, manage your email subscribers and increase your Amazon FBA review rates.

AWeber’s email automation capability can help you increase your Amazon review rates with no extra effort on your part.

You can build email automation flows with their drag-and-drop campaign editor. Easily tag subscribers and trigger campaigns based on the links they click and the emails they open to create personalized welcome emails.

Aweber is a simple but cost-effective software for anyone just starting out with email marketing or selling on Amazon.

Convert passive prospects into active customers and get positive reviews from existing ones through the use of its automated email campaigns and subscriber segmentation features.

Aweber Pricing

Aweber pricing is based on the number of subscribers or customers you have. With every pricing option, you get access to every one of their software features from day one.

Here are the pricing options from Aweber.

Subscribers Monthly Pricing
0-500 $19
501-2,500 $29
5,001-10,000 $69
10,001-25,000 $149
25,000+ Contact for Quote

Aweber Software Features

  • Email Newsletters: Automatically create emails from a blog post. AWeber's Smart Designer will automatically build a ready–to–use, branded email template for your business and add it to your account.
  • Email Automation: Easily create automated email sequences with our drag and drop editor. You can build email automation flows with drag-and-drop campaign editor and tag subscribers and trigger campaigns based on the links they click and the emails they open.
  • Autoresponder Follow-Ups: Send a sequence of automatically delivered emails. Create personalized welcome emails, educational courses, lead nurturing campaigns and more!
  • Split Testing: Test subject lines, send times, email content and much more. Put your ideas to the test, discover what emails perform the best with easy-to-use testing features.
  • Email automation: Build automation flows with the drag-and-drop campaign editor. Tag subscribers and trigger campaigns based on the links they click and the emails they open.

How Aweber Works

Using Aweber is a simple process for marketers and sellers of all levels.

There are many different ways to easily create effective emails with Aweber.

You can build HTML product promotions and emails or use the Smart Designer feature to automatically build ready to use email for your business.

With every plan from Aweber, you get access to over 700 mobile-responsive email templates you can use right away to drive results.

AWeber Customer Reviews

The general feedback from Aweber's customers appears to be overwhelmingly positive.

      "If you are a small business owner, AWeber provides a simple and cost-effective tool to build relationships with your target market."
      "I love how easy AWeber is to use. The ready-made templates are fantastic and make my emails look stunning and professional."
      " Aweber is fantastic. I don't think i'll ever change autoresponder. I've tried GetResponse and others and they are also awesome, but I like the simplicity of Aweber so I don't really see why I would ever change."
      "We acquired a business who was already using Aweber, so we decided to continue with it. It has really helped our email deliverability and their customer support is always providing tips and tricks to further improve."

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 Benefits of using Aweber Email Automation

  • More ready to use email responsive templates than competitors.
  • Great import functionality with the option to import a wide range of file types.
  • Integrates with a wide range of third party tools and apps.

Aweber Alternatives


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How to connect Aweber to Amazon Seller Central

The best option to easily connect Aweber to Amazon Seller Central without any coding or experience is to utilize Zapier.

You can get connected and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Zapier allows you to connect Seller Central and Aweber with as many as 5 possible integrations.

Check out how to integrate seller Central and Aweber with Zapier.

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Aweber is undoubtedly one of the best email automation solutions on the market today.

Although there may be more cost-effective email marketing software for sellers with a small subscriber base, Aweber delivers exceptional value to customers.

Aweber’s award-winning customer service is also an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers or email marketers, especially beginners.

Whether you’re looking to more efficiently manage your subscribers or analyze and improve your amazon feedback, Aweber is the perfect email automation solution in 2020.

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