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Brock is available for interviews in regards to E-Commerce and Amazon FBA topics.

Please reach out via the email below to inquire for an interview.


We offer Consulting Services regarding Amazon FBA to select businesses.

Hire Brock and his team for:

  • Consulting
  • Training your team
  • Full execution of Amazon FBA sales

You can apply by sending us an email. We do not guarantee that you can work with us, since we can only help a few businesses at a time to deliver the best results. 

*Your business should exceed $1M in sales.


Brock would like to offer the content of the Last Amazon Course for free for educational institutions and non-profits.

Please reach out and we will provide access for teachers, students & teams of non-profits.

*This offer doesn’t apply to individuals only to the institutions themselves. For example, being a student does not qualify you to get the course for free. The price is this low on purpose so anyone could afford it.


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