Top 60+ Amazon FBA Seller Tools & Services 2024 - Exclusive Discounts

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Time Is Of The Essence

**HEY YOU! If you're just getting started then read this before scrolling! It will drastically simply all the tools you're about to see.

In business, you can do the work, you can have people do the work, or machines can do the work.

We aren't in the business of teaching people how to sell on Amazon.

We are in the business of selling the ONLY asset you can't buy: Time.

We teach you how to build a successful business in the shortest amount of time for the cheapest amount.

Here is a list of tools and solutions to save you time and money:


Product Research

Awesome tools to find the best products to start your Amazon FBA business.

50% Off 1st Month

Helium 10

Promo Code: BROCK50

  • Most Powerful Product Research Tool.
  • 10+ tools all in one place.
  • 450M Products Tracked.

10% Off For Life

Helium 10

Promo Code: BROCK10

  • Most Powerful Product Research Tool.
  • 10+ tools all in one place.
  • 450M Products Tracked.

30-50% Off Bundles

Jungle Scout

  • A more affordable Product Research Alternative.
  • Beginner Resources.
  • 24/7 Support.

14-Day Free Trial


  • Perfect for international sellers.
  • Asia + Europe + North America.
  • 93% customer satisfaction.

Photography / Graphics

Make your product stand out with these photo and graphic companies we recommend.

2 Free Infographics

Prime Label Studios

Promo Code: BROCK

Perfect for Private Labeling, They are experts at capturing Amazon-compliant images. When filling out their order form, don't forget to mention that you are a member of the course.

Save 37%


  • Get 30 designs for the price of 1.
  • Host a design contest or contact designers directly.
  • Brock sold a million dollars from his first contest.

$0.30 Per Image


  • Best stock images for your product listings and marketing.
  • Images + Music + Video
  • 270M+ Royalty-free images.

International Currency Transfers

Maximize your earnings and dodge expensive exchange rates with our best transfer apps.

Sign Up for Free


  • 8x cheaper than bank transfers.
  • Best for paying international workers.
  • No hidden fees.

$0 - $250,000 in Revenue


  • Amazon takes 3.5% of every international payment.
  • OFX only takes 0.5%
  • Save thousands per year in 10 mins.

$250,000 - $1M in Revenue


  • Amazon takes 3.5% of every international payment.
  • OFX only takes 0.5%
  • Save thousands per year in 10 mins.

$1M+ in Revenue


  • Amazon takes 3.5% of every international payment.
  • OFX only takes 0.5%
  • Save thousands per year in 10 mins.

Shipping / Sourcing

Ensure your inventory's quality and guarantee their delivery to FBA warehouses. These services will take care of it all.

$100 Off - 1st Shipment


  • Largest Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder.
  • Track your shipment from sea to fulfillment center.
  • Simplify shipping on a powerful technology platform.

$25 Off Per Man, Per Day


  • Most trusted FBA inspection company.
  • Strict inspections, in-depth reports, & great pricing.
  • Based in China and Greater Asia.

4-Week Free Trial + More

  • Never pay for the full price of stamps again.
  • Eliminate trips to the post office.
  • Print your own labels with a click of a button.

Up to 50% Off + More


  • The largest B2B supplier directory in china.
  • Find and contact suppliers.
  • Get samples and source products.

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  • Legally form a business without leaving the house.
  • Ditch the hassle of legal paperwork.
  • Speak to an attorney anytime.

As low as $0 + State Fee


  • Form an LLC for as low as $0.
  • They handle the forms and filing.
  • Transparent & Flat fees.

Free Assessment

Thompson & Holt

  • Best for Amazon Suspension Appeals.
  • Reinstatements for All Amazon Marketplaces.
  • 24-72 Hours Results.
Francissen Rafelson Schick

  • Hire Microsoft's IP Lawyer.
  • A team of tax, IP, and Corporate Law Experts.
  • Get help with Formation, Protection, and Defense.


Optimize your hours and be free from distractions. Here are tools we use to concentrate on success.

Free Sessions + Discount


Code: NEW30

  • Easiest website blocker on the internet.
  • Setup blocklists & recurring sessions in minutes.
  • Block apps on mobile and desktop.


Free Basic Plan + 21% Off

Cold Turkey

  • The toughest website blocker on the internet.
  • Reclaim your time and attention.
  • Block apps, sites, or even your entire computer.



25% Off On Annual Plan


  • Track all your time across all devices.
  • Get in-depth reports of where your time is spent.
  • Set goals and milestones.



Landing Pages

Aiming for reviews or giving out coupons? Design your pages with form and function using the builders that we use.

14-Day Free Trial


  • Easiest way to build a funnel for beginners.
  • Simple drag and drop webpage editor.
  • Emails + payment processor + checkouts.

14-Day Free Trial


  • More customizable funnels with beautiful templates.
  • Easy mobile optimization.
  • Alert bars + popups + opt-in texts.



20% Off For 3 Months


  • The DIY landing page builder for advanced marketers.
  • An open sandbox to create any funnel.
  • Dynamic text replacement for PPC.


Email Autoresponder / Feedback

Choose from the best email and feedback tools here. Provide the best customer experience and get raving reviews. Automation is key.

14-Day Free Trial


  • Smart emails for smart marketers.
  • Send exactly what your customers want.
  • Personalize every customer experience.

Free Trial + 50% Off

Feedback Whiz

  • For Amazon sellers, by Amazon sellers.
  • Leverage more 5 star reviews.
  • Automate & monitor seller feedback.

14-Day Free Trial

xSellco Feedback Automation

  • More reviews wherever you sell.
  • Target reviews from happy customers only.
  • Automate feedback requests.

50% Off Your 1st Poll


  • A/B test your product off Amazon before launch.
  • Make smarter decisions with real customer feedback.
  • Target any demographic with 1 question.

30-Day Free Trial


  • More cost effective autoresponder.
  • Great for beginners.
  • 24/7 customer support.




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Mailer Lite

  • Most affordable autoresponder.
  • Newsletter templates.
  • 24/7 customer support.




Amazon Analytics Tools

Understand your Amazon data and optimize your strategies with these tools.

14-Day Free Trial

Manage By Stats

  • See your true Amazon profits.
  • Access your full customer database.
  • Send email blasts to previous Amazon customers.

7-Day Free Trial


  • Build, launch, and scale your brand.
  • Track BSR the right way with Phoenix.
  • Launch your product to the top with Heatseeker.

14-Day Free Trial

xSellco Repricer

  • React to buy box changes in 90 seconds.
  • Add a stop loss to guarantee profits.
  • Supports all Amazon marketplaces.

14-Day Free Trial

  • Win the buy box more with machine learning.
  • Supports all Amazon marketplaces.
  • Hands-on customer support.

10-Day Free Trial

AMZ Alert

  • A watch-dog for your FBA listings.
  • Protect yourself from hijackers.
  • Automate cease & desists.

Marketing Tools

Use these tools to boost your reach and your revenue. Promote your business!

Free for the First 500 Subs


  • #1 chat bot for marketing, e-commerce, and support.
  • Launch your next product to your list, give coupons and ask for reviews.
  • 90% message open rate.

30% Off Your 1st Month



  • Imagine if your ads optimized themselves.
  • Automate Facebook and Google ads in just a few clicks.
  • 76% decrease in ad spend.

Free Trial + 10% Off


  • Track every customer touch point through 1 URL shortener.
  • Build custom retargeting links based on user behavior.
  • Create branded links.

30-Day Trial for $1


  • URL shortner for Amazon sellers, by Amazon sellers.
  • Track any Amazon link and retarget your customers on social media.
  • Add to cart URL + Canonical + brand storefront.

7-Day PRO Trial


  • #1 SEO suite for advanced marketers.
  • Reverse engineer competitor ad budgets and ranking power.
  • Powerful organic and paid keyword research.

Free To Start


  • Personalize your ecommerce store for every customer.
  • Track and segment website behavior.
  • Put your data to work with powerful 1 click integrations.

14-Day Free Trial


  • Increase trust, social proof, and authority. 
  • Highlight positive reviews and feedback on your ecommerce store.
  • 17.4% increase in conversions.

Free To Start


  • Skyrocket growth through customer competitions.
  • Give your customers instant rewards for sharing your page.
  • The smartest way to capture emails.

Course Hosting Platform

Thinking of launching your own course someday? Use the best.

28-Day Free Trial


  • This website and course is built on Kajabi.
  • Create courses, websites, and beautiful landing pages.
  • All with just a few clicks


For maximum FBA refund recovery and reimbursements!

Save 20%


Code: BRJO20

  • You're losing 3.5% of revenue to Amazon system errors.
  • Get back up to $3,000 for every $100K in 10 mins.
  • Automate your Amazon reimbursements at no cost to you.

Domain & Website Hosting

Simple. Inexpensive. Effective. Starting your website can be easy and fun!

50% Off On All Hosting Plans


  • Purchase domains for as low as $8 per year.
  • Setup a company email with Gsuite in just a few clicks.
  • Get easy wordpress hosting.

As Low As $13 Per Month

Wix for Desktop

  • Perfect for beginners who have never built a website.
  • Simple drag and drop webpage editor.
  • Beautiful customizable templates.

As Low As $13 Per Month

Wix for Mobile

  • Perfect for beginners who have never built a website.
  • Simple drag and drop webpage editor.
  • Beautiful customizable templates.

General Business

No workplace is complete without these handy tools and items.

Get Premium for $3 Per Month


  • Never remember a password again.
  • Safely store your passwords all in one place.
  • Bulk share passwords with team members.

Sign Up For Free

Amazon - Business Account

  • Everything you love about Amazon but for your business.
  • Business ONLY savings.
  • Fast FREE delivery. 

20% Off Your 1st Year

G Suite Basic


  • Google's full suite of tools powered by Google AI.
  • Create an account for [email protected].
  • 30GB of storage.

20% Off Your 1st Year

G Suite Business

Code: Q3WKXT3L9P6YC97

  • Google's full suite of tools powered by Google AI.
  • Create an account for [email protected].
  • Unlimited storage.

75% Off your 3-Year Plan



  • Advanced security. Internet privacy. Complete freedom.
  • Protect your data across all devices.
  • Fast and stable internet anywhere.

Free for the 1st Month

Amazon - Audible

  • Listen to Brock's audiobooks on all mobile devices.
  • Get 2 audiobooks and 2 audible originals FREE.
  • 1 month free. All on us.
Amazon - Brock's Favorite Books

  • Take a trip inside the inner workings of Brock’s mind.
  • Discover what books have changed his life.
  • Continuously updated catalog.
Amazon - Brock's Office List

  • Brock's office is now your office.
  • Check out Brock's full office essentials.
  • Continuously updated catalog.

Project Management

Work smarter, not harder. Use these tools to keep your operations running smoothly.

Free Basic Plan


  • Powerful spreadsheet-database hybrid.
  • Brock's all-time favorite tool.
  • Brock organizes all his companies on Airtable.


14-Day Free Trial


  • Time tracking and productivity.
  • Brock's entire team uses Hubstaff to track hours.
  • Integrates with Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and more.


20% Off Your First Year


Communicate smarter with TextExpander. It’s a knowledge base from which you can communicate quickly and accurately across your devices.

30-Day Free Trial


  • Easily take screenshots and edit them on the fly.
  • Perfect for describing and delegating.
  • Built in image editing + screen recording.

30-Day Free Trial


  • Easily edit videos with no prior experience.
  • Perfect for editing ads.
  • Drag and drop beautiful visual effects with a few clicks.


17% Off With An Annual Plan

Lucid Chart

  • Easily create flowcharts and action plans.
  • Perfect for funnel planning.
  • Build charts with 100s of different templates.



Scale your business, build the best team and save money in the process.

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OnlineJobs PH

  • Brock has hired 2 Filipino rockstars from OnlineJobs.
  • One of them designed this beautiful resource page.
  • Hire experienced and English fluent workers for $3-$4 per hour.

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  • Most affordable gigs on the market.
  • Outsource a logo, video editing, translation and more.
  • Perfect for one-and-done tasks.

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Jungle Scout Market

  • Amazon Freelancers all in one place.
  • Outsource product photography, graphics and design and much more.
  • Perfect for one-and-done tasks.

Get $15


  • Hire expert freelancers for any job.
  • Host design contests, post jobs, and pay safely.
  • Higher end alternative to Fiverr.

Sign Up For Free

Hire a Freelancer

  • Hire a freelancer, VA, or an agency.
  • No minimums or fees. Get instant access.
  • More affordable alternative.

Free to Apply

Become a Freelancer

  • Work on your terms: set an hourly or fixed rate.
  • Apply to projects that fit your expertise.
  • No minimums or fees. Get instant access.

E-Commerce Store Platform

Use these tools to build an amazing e-commerce store that converts.

14-Day Free Trial


Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the market. Build your own online store, sell your products from your own website and link it to multiple channels.

14-Day Free Trial


High quality, conversion tested landing page builder with drag and drop functions. Includes native Shopify integration and 1-click upsell capabilities.

15-Day Free Trial


Stunning templates, market-leading sales tools and powerful built-in features. An all-in-one platform that is great for bigger stores with more complex catalogs.


Brock's inspiration also comes from people he looks up to. Here's a chance to meet them too!

50% OFF

Tony Robbins - Date With Destiny

The nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist. Tony Robbins will help you find the answer, providing you tools to reshape your destiny and design the life of your dreams.

30% OFF

Tony Robbins - Business Mastery Seminar

Understand the key strategies to keep your business thriving in any economic environment for five days, alongside Tony Robbins and some of the best minds in business.

Tony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within

This 3 ½-day event with Tony Robbins will help you unlock and unleash the forces inside you to break through your limitations and take control of your life.  

$100 OFF

Global Sources Summit

Promo Code: JB100

A 3-day conference for global Amazon and eCommerce sellers sourcing private label products from Asia. Includes a Trade Show, 20+ speakers and actionable content!

Online Learning Platform

You've got the tools, now sharpen your mind. Courses are free.

Sign Up For Free


  • World class learning for anyone, anywhere.
  • Flexible & affordable courses by the best universities.
  • Earn certificates and degrees, all in the comfort of your own home.

Accounting / Taxes

Let the experts manage your books and file your taxes for you. Here are services we recommend.

50% Off For 6 Months


  • Auto-categorize expenses seamlessly.
  • Instantly share reports with your accountant.
  • Diagnose the health of your business with just 1 click.

50% Off For 6 Months


  • Turn key sales tax calculations and reporting.
  • Auto-file in every state and district.
  • 1 click integration to Amazon Seller Central.


20% Off - 1st 6 Months


Code: BROCK20

  • Accounting for Amazon sellers.
  • Supports every Amazon marketplace.
  • Organize by sku, product type, country and more.

7% Off

Watson CPA PDF - Tax Guide for LLCs and S Corps

  • Everything about taxes but fun!
  • Jam packed with jokes and outrageous examples.
  • Brock's favorite book of all time.

Free Trial + 20% Off

  • Track your financials through an intuitive app.
  • Get an expert bookkeeper dedicated to you.
  • One-on-one customer support.

Money Saving

Other tools we use to save more money and get really great deals.

$10 Gift Card + Cash Back


  • One-stop-shop for discounts and coupons.
  • Get up to 40% cash back at over 2,500 stores.
  • Get paid instantly through PayPal or by check.

Retail Arbitrage

Looking to start with Retail Arbitrage? Here's what you should use.

30-Day Free Trial

Inventory lab

  • Calculate profitability on the go with one quick scan.
  • ROI calculator + sales estimator + repricer.
  • Get automatic alerts when products are hot.

30-Day Free Trial


  • Free chrome extension for online arbitrage.
  • Check sales rank + profitability on product page.
  • No credit card required.


Get more views and subscribers with this tool.

Sign Up For Free


  • Automate tedious YouTube tasks with 1 click.
  • 10x brand and organic reach in 10 mins.
  • 75% of YouTubers love VidIQ.

Video Hosting

Save time and space. Make it easier to share and use your videos.

Start Free with Vimeo Basic


  • Easily upload and embed videos on your website.
  • Get up to 7TB of video storage.
  • Host private livestreams.

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