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Hey there, it’s Brock Johnson! It takes a certain type of individual to be consistent in their efforts to better their life and I want to be part of your Amazon business journey.

The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to help you achieve the life that you want and that you deserve; IF you are willing to put the time and commitment necessary to learn the art of selling physical products on Amazon.

This is not a get-rich, quick-scheme. This isn’t one of those set up and print money during sleep. This business is hard work; but has so much upside.

I’m giving you everything that I know and will constantly update this course as time goes on.

Just like every other business; Amazon is a moving and breathing machine that constantly changes and we, as sellers, have to make sure that we stay competitive.

Third Party Software For Amazon Business

Throughout the course, I periodically showcase third party software and tools that I personally use to grow my own Amazon business.

I show you exactly how to use the tools and how you can implement the same strategies that I’ve discovered that allowed me to make multiple seven figures throughout my Amazon journey.

You don’t have to use these tools to be successful, but they will dramatically increase your chances.

With every other seller using these third party software to increase their chances of success; ultimately it forces using these software to become the norm.

Personal Recommendations

I wanted to be fully transparent and created this page to let you know that I recommend these software and tools because they are crucial to my Amazon business.

If someone purchases software I recommend via my affiliate link I receive a small commission.

I have partnered up with some of these software companies and services to provide you the best possible deals.

There is no obligation to click the links or use these services.

I only want to equip you with the best set of tools and if you find value in only watching the course content, I’m happy I could serve you and at least give you that!

Walking The Walk

You’ll see in certain videos that I am using these softwares and services, and will from time to time, identify my experience with it.

There are other third-party services you can search, but speaking from a professional standpoint, I have compiled some of the best resources to help you run your business as efficiently as possible.

If you support me and my brand and buy through my affiliate link it helps me support my editors, hosting, advertisements, marketing, and all of the silent heroes in the background that help make this possible.

Thank you for becoming one of the community and I very much hope that you gain value from the course!



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