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Amazon Keyword Research Tool - Top 3 Software In 2020

Amazon sold over $180 billion worth of products in 2019. The process is the same for every one of those sales.

Amazon customers’ translate the image in their head for a given product into words for the search engine.

Simply put, keywords are the language of Amazon FBA sellers can not afford to overlook.

The #1 biggest mistake sellers on Amazon today is choosing the wrong keywords. Using the right keywords is the only way your potential customers will find your product

Furthermore, keyword search volume is also important for sellers looking to sell efficiently on Amazon.

For about a year and a half, Amazon gave sellers the exact search volume data. However, they no longer provide exact search volume for keywords.

The tools mentioned in this article still have a long history of exact search volume and as a result, can provide sellers with accurate estimates based on algorithms.

To be successful on Amazon, not only do you have to find the right keywords and choose the keywords with the highest volume but you must also index for those keywords.

To be successful on Amazon, not only do you have to find the right keywords and choose the keywords with the highest volume but you must also index for those keywords.

Not being indexed your product for keywords on the search results page will affect your sales and overall ranking.

Keep in mind, Indexing for a keyword doesn't mean you are ranking well on that specific keyword only that you show up in the search results.

Having a powerful keyword research tool could mean the difference between success or failure on Amazon FBA.

Here are the top 3 Amazon keyword research tools that can help you dominate your competition in 2020.

Helium 10 Keyword Research Tool

Helium 10 Keyword Research Tool

Helium 10 Magnet

The Magnet feature from Helium 10 is designed to help sellers discover high-volume and highly relevant keywords for their products.

Magnet has one of the largest databases of actionable Amazon-specific search terms and long-tail keywords on the market today.

You can enter a seed keyword and get back a list of relevant keyword suggestions that will help you maximize your organic traffic and ultimately sales in any market.

This powerful keyword research tool allows you to stop guessing and find products that Amazon buyers want which leads to more profits for you.

Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10’s Cerebro reverse ASIN research tool is hands down one of the most powerful keyword research tools for Amazon sellers.

Cerebro allows you to find exactly which keywords your competitors rank for so you can optimize your listing accordingly so you can skyrocket your sales and conversion rate.

By simply inputting your given competitors ASIN into Cerebro, you can uncover organic and sponsored keywords they currently get sales from. This could give you the competitive advantage to dominate any niche you sell in.

Cerebro provides sellers essential data such as estimated exact keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume, and many other crucial data points.

Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker feature simplifies the process of monitoring and tracking your Amazon ranking for the desired keywords.

By tracking both organic and sponsored positions of your keyword in real-time you always know where you stand. Having this insight allows you to make decisions a lot easier and with confidence.

Being able to monitor important keywords and knowing what works and what doesn’t can help any Amazon seller outrank their competitors.

Among other data points, Keyword Tracker allows you to see the ranking, percentage changes, ranking trends over time and estimated monthly search for your given keywords.

Helium 10 Misspellinator

This Helium 10 feature allows sellers to take advantage of frequently searched but commonly misspelled Amazon keywords that your competitors are missing out on.

Misspelled search terms often have little to no competition and are a great way to boost sales. You can get your product listing to the top of the search results whenever shoppers enter commonly misspelled variations of your main keywords.

Extracting profitable keyword misspellings manually can take hours of research. Misspellinator pulls the most common variations with the highest search volume within seconds.

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has four pricing options available, the free plan, platinum plan, diamond plan, and elite plan.

Free Plan Platinum Plan Diamond Plan Elite Plan
$0 $97/month $197/month $397/month

Helium 10 A La Carte Plan

If you are looking to use Helium 10 tools on an individual basis, the ‘a la carte plan’ is the perfect option for you. This plan allows you to pay for only the tools you want.

Here is a price break down of the a la carte plan:

Helium 10 Tool Monthly Price
Black Box $37
Magnet $37
Cerebro $37
Index Checker $17
Keyword Tracker $57
Alerts $37
Refund Genie $97
Xray $97

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Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Viral Launch has powerful Amazon keyword research features to help sellers take the guesswork out of the research process.

Their software uses only data from directly from Amazon so you can find only relevant words that can a big difference in your ranking and sales.

Here is what you can expect from Viral Launch’s Amazon keyword research tool.

  • Reverse Market Lookups: The reverse-ASIN lookup feature allows sellers to get data from across all your Amazon markets and take all the top competitors into account, not just one or two competitors.
  • Amazon Search Volume: Viral Launch’s search volume estimates based only on actual Amazon data and are updated multiple times a week. You can utilize both exact and broad match to leverage the full impact.
  • Historical Volume Trends: See which keywords are gaining or losing popularity and identify keywords with high relevance and low competition using sponsored Ad Bids and Opportunity Scores.

Viral Launch Opportunity Score

The opportunity score feature ranks Amazon keywords scale of 0-1,000 to show you markets with high volume and few ranking listings. Because they are less competitive, these markets also tend to have lower-quality listings.

Sellers with great reviews and good photos, the addition of a single keyword could bring in thousands of more dollars in sales every month.

Keyword Sponsored Ad Bid

With Viral Launch you can optimize your sponsored ads with the ability to see bid costs right inside Keyword Research.

This means you can understand the competition level for every keyword on your list, and easily copy selected terms to your clipboard or download as CSV.

Viral Launch Keyword Manager

The Keyword Manager tool from Viral Launch is a comprehensive analytics dashboard that displays keyword data for your products.

You can leverage the Keyword Manager to uncover keyword information such as index checks, organic and ad rank tracking, search volume trends, and keyword scores.

Their software has an intuitive keyword tracking feature which allows you to select and organize our products keyword bank exactly how you want it.

You can edit, add, remove, and track keywords to make sure you don’t miss out on any potentially profitable keywords for your listing.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch software pricing comes with two options, monthly or annual. There are four different pricing plans available for sellers.

Viral Launch Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Beginner $59 $49
Pro $99 $83
Brand Builder $149 $124
Kinetic $249 $166

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Jungle Scout Keyword Research

Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout is another powerful Amazon keyword research tool designed for FBA sellers to generate high-converting keywords.

Keyword Scout pulls in millions of data points to show you what Amazon customers are really searching for.

Keyword Scout also allows you to search by ASIN to explore which keywords a specific product ranks for so you can find competing products and see PPC costs and impression rates in real-time.

Research Global Marketplaces

Customers around the world search for products in different languages and using different localized terminology.

Keyword Scout has one of the most comprehensive data specific to the U.S., EU marketplaces (including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), Canada and Mexico, so you can target your efforts toward certain regional markets.

Historical search volume

New to Keyword Scout, you can now analyze how keywords have performed up to two years in the past and provide monthly and quarterly trend data.

Sellers can use this data to generate a full picture of a product’s seasonality and popularity over time, adjust PPC campaigns, and optimize listings accordingly.

Amazon PPC Keywords

Keyword Scout allows you to take the guesswork out of creating Amazon PPC campaigns.

Keyword Scout shows you the cost-per-click for each keyword it generates for exact, broad, and headline search ads to help you save money on competitive keywords and improve your campaigns.

Keyword Ranking Tracker

New to Jungle Scout, you can now track product rankings by your keyword and maintain a competitive edge by monitoring how your listings are performing in rankings over time.

You can also assign keywords to an ASIN to learn organic rankings, connect to Keyword Lists to leverage previous product research, and monitor keyword ranking history to assess the impact from PPC or listing adjustments.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers  monthly or  yearly pricing options for Amazon sellers.

Here are the prices for the monthly subscription options. Jungle scout is  $49 per month, Jungle Scout & Extension is  $69 per month, and Jungle Scout chrome extension is $ 39 per month.

Jungle Scout Plans Monthly Pricing
Jungle Scout $49
Jungle Scout + Extension $69
Chrome Extension $39

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