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Best Amazon Product Photography Options For Sellers

The quality of your product photography for Amazon FBA will often dictate how well you do in any market as a seller.

Simply put, product photos are the most important part of your listing for converting potential customers to sales.

Customers come to Amazon, not to search and pin product ideas, but to actually make a purchase.

With customers already having a product in mind, they show up looking for the best available option.

The only thing keeping Amazon customers from clicking your listing over the competitors, is often how well you’ve optimized your Amazon product images.

Quality product images are one of the most important investments sellers can make to ensure long-term success on Amazon FBA.


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Best Amazon Product Photography Service For Sellers

Viral Launch Product Photography

Viral Launch photography can help you increase click-through rats and help you sell move units with quality Amazon product photos.

They utilize professional photo studios to create product images that are visually engaging to potential customers so you improve your conversions.

 Viral Launch Image Benefits

  • Drive clicks: increase the number of shoppers who click on your listing with stunning product photos.
  • Increase conversions: highlight key product features and benefits to increase customer confidence and purchase.
  • Improve Brand identity: Show customers that your brand and products are quality.

How Ordering From Viral Launch Photography Works

  1. Submit your orders: chose the Viral Launch photo package that’s right for you and provide them the product information.
  2. Ship your product to the Viral Launch headquarters.
  3. Talk to a photographer: Help your photographer understand your vision for the product.
  4. Receive your photos: Upload your Amazon product photos and increase clicks and sales.

Viral Launch Photography Pricing

Viral Launch photography offers three different pricing packages: conversion starter kit, conversion master, and branding expert.

Here is what is a breakdown of Viral Launch's Photography Pricing.

VL Photography Pricing Conversion Starter Kit Conversion Master Branding Expert
Regular Pricing $597 $797 $1447
High-Quality Photos 3 to 5 6 to 9 12+
Hero and Lifestyle Images      
Photos Based On Market Analysis      
Optimized For Clicks and Conversions      
Use of Models If Necessary      
Professional Post-Production      
Shot-list and Branding Consultation      
Extra Photos      
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Viral Launch Photography Reviews

          "Viral Launch is second to none. I used their photography service for many products of mine. Their product photography is SPECTACULAR and they depicted exactly what I needed for all of my shots."
          "The team at Viral Launch was great. They delivered high-quality images that were both consistent with our brand identity and optimized for Amazon conversion. The process is simple and streamlined."
          "Viral Launch really delivers great photography that takes both the Amazon marketplace and your product niche into consideration. I had been holding off for a while as I had been using some decent looking stock photos with my product Photoshopped in - but now I can say that real photography by Viral Launch is in a class by itself."

Prime Label Studios Amazon Photography

Prime Label Studios is a photography, graphic design, video, and copywriting service provider, with a focus on Amazon conversion optimization. Optimizing for conversion on Amazon is key to more sales.

When it comes to product photography, the team of professional photographers at Prime Label Studios is well versed in Amazon’s terms of service and Product Image Requirements.

This means they understand what you need for Amazon and will create it with that in mind.

Prime Label Studios can provide three types of images for Amazon sellers:

  • Hero image
  • Lifestyle image
  • Infographics

Hero Image

A hero image is a simple high-quality photograph of your product, shot on a plain white background as per Amazon guidelines.

In order to create hero images, Prime Label Studios uses professional photography equipment with a focus on amplifying the unique benefits and selling points of your product.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle image is used for showcasing your products in use for the intended action. The example below shows the gloves in use as intended.

Keep in mind, your customers can only visualize your products. Therefore, your aim should be to compensate for this void by creating lifestyle images that speak to your target customers so they take action.


Infographics help Amazon shoppers to understand the information in a visually digestible format.

For example, with infographics, You can easily explain complicated assembly, installation, or key benefits worth highlighting by using infographics.

My Prime Label Studios Experience

I have tried a couple of Amazon Photography services and was generally satisfied. But I have been looking for one that specializes specifically on Amazon FBA so I tried Prime Label Studios.

Below is the end result of the amazon product images Prime Label Studios made for us.

As you can see, its quality work. I was very happy with the quality and affordability of their service.

Prime Label Studios Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of our experience with Prime Label Studios.


  • Best Prices: Prime Label Studios has one of the lowest prices on the market.
  • Quality: They provide quality product images and visual content tailored for Amazon.
  • Talent: They are known to employ very talented graphic designers.
  • Models: They provide models for lifestyle product images.


  • Turn around Time: Receiving the photos took a bit longer than expected.
  • Communication: They are in a different time zone.
  • Location: They are located in Manila, Philippines.

Prime Label Studios Photography Pricing

Prime Label Studios offers three product photography packages: Entry PackageProfessional Package, and Prime Package Here are the cost of each product photography price.

Entry Package Professional Package Prime Package
$495 $750 $1500
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Prime Label Studios Reviews

Here is what other Prime Label Studios customers are saying

          "The logo is fantastic. They took my ideas, gave me options that were all great. I asked for a modification they were done right away. They also packaged the logo in all its various forms and formats. I will absolutely use them again."
          "The job is done absolutely AMAZING! I really like every product picture idea and the quality with which they were made. Thankful to the  Prime Label Studios team for this project, can't wait to collaborate again!"
          "I could not be happier with the results of my pictures! As a first time Amazon seller in a moderately competitive nitch, I really needed to have top notch photos.  Prime Label Studios delivered! Beautiful photos and very responsive and stellar customer service. I'll definitely be using them for all my future products!"
          "I got a one stop shop for box design, product logo and listing pictures! Great quality and customer service. I used it for several products already and would highly recommend it."


Jungle Market Amazon Photography

If you are looking for an alternative option to Viral Launch and  Prime Label Studios or simply want to hire freelancers to handle your Amazon product photos, Jungle Market is a great option.

On the Jungle Market you’ll find a range of top-quality freelancers that have been fully vetted by the Jungle Scout Market team.

Jungle Market can provide you qualified freelancers for all your Amazon needs from product photos to listing and PPC management.

Save time and money hiring expert freelance services for your Amazon business on Jungle Market.

How Jungle Market Works:

  1. Sign up for free. Only registered users can use Jungle Market
  2. Use the search bar and filters to browse through a variety of different services from product photography to writing your listing description.
  3. Narrow down your search, read verified reviews and reach out to your top favorite freelancers to ensure they understand your project and can meet your requirements within your deadline.
  4. Select the package that best fits your needs and complete your payment
  5. Provide very detailed instructions and examples of exactly what you would like your freelancer to deliver.
  6. Once you are happy with the final version of your project, approve the work by completing the order.

Jungle Market Pricing

The pricing options for Jungle Marke can range anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

Most freelancers offer packages that include other value-added services on Jungle Market. Make sure to filter the different options based on criteria that are important to you.

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Fiverr Amazon Product photography

Fiverr is a great option for finding freelancers with experience in creating professional photographs for Amazon listings.

Simply search “Amazon product photography” on Fiverr and you can find many talented photographers and studios offering this service.

Look at their reviews and previous work to ensure they have experience in creating quality images specifically for Amazon.

If you can afford it, it might be a good idea to test different photographers and use the best one for your listing.

Learn more about split testing for Amazon FBA to ensure the best possible results.

Fiverr Product Photography Pricing


Product photography pricing on Fiverr can range from from around $10 to a few hundred based on your needs. Make sure you filter through options based on the criteria that is important to you.

Fiverr Amazon Photos Take Advantage of Fiverr and find qualified Amazon product photographers.
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