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Infographics For Amazon FBA - Increase Conversions Overnight

Amazon infographic images are a necessity for all serious FBA sellers.

As Amazon FBA gets more competitive, infographics are the key to increasing conversions and profits in your Amazon business.

The average person only reads about 20% of a webpage but will view EVERY image. 65% of the population is also made up of visual learners.

This means Amazon customers don’t often read your entire listing but they will view every image.

Amazon allows up to 9 images for each product and each image plays an important role.

However, having good product photos is not enough to give your business a competitive advantage anymore.

Professionally designed infographics are the solution for Amazon FBA sellers looking to increase conversions and profits.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are a visual representation of information or data, presented through graphics that make it easy for Amazon shoppers to quickly and clearly digest information.

On Amazon, your copy is made to get your listing ranked, your product images are for converting your listing into sales.

Amazon lifestyle photo infographics


Successful Amazon listings use infographics like the one above because they understand the power behind it.

Infographics can effectively showcase your high converting images, while also explaining your product's key benefits to the customer.

Visual information is the primary medium in which humans consume content.

Infographics are the next best tool after videos that Amazon sellers can use to increase conversion and grow sales.

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How Amazon Sellers Can Use Infographics

Here are ways you can use the best infographics and make your products stand out from the competition on Amazon.

Highlight key features and benefits of your product

You can highlight product features that can help products efficiently convert to sales.

Info graphic example for Amazon FBA


Enhance Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images are proven to help increase conversions for Amazon sellers.

Amazon lifestyle photo infographics


Show Product Package Content

Showing the contents of your product, especially when your products have many pieces is an effective strategy to help your product stand out.

Amazon lifestyle photo infographics


I highly recommend you use a professional service with experience creating Amazon product infographics.

There are many factors to consider when creating high-converting infographics. You need to consider the amount of text, quality of the image, and design layouts in order to create effective infographics.

High-quality infographics and images are the keys to selling millions on Amazon FBA. This is a corner you can’t afford to cut.

Invest in professional infographics and leverage this powerful tool and increase conversions in your Amazon business.

Examples of Infographics for Amazon FBA

Here are some great examples of infographics designed for Amazon listings.

Product listing infographic example on Amazon


Take note of how engaging these infographics are and use it as a reference for your products.

Where to get Amazon infographics


Regardless of the product or market, you are selling in, infographics will undoubtedly increase your bottom line.

Info graphic services for Amazon FBA


Amazon Product Infographic Services

Here are some services that can provide you quality infographics for your Amazon listing.

Prime Label Studios

Prime Label Studios can create quality infographics tailored for your Amazon product

Prime Label Studios


They have experience with Amazon sellers and are well versed in Amazon’s rules and regulations.

Prime Label Studios Infographic Pricing

You can get 4 Amazon infographics for $295.

Prime Label Studios uses graphic design to highlight the key elements of your product.

This includes professional copywriting.

Save $160 With Prime Label Studios Save over $160 when you use Prime Label Studios
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Fiverr Infographics For Amazon

Fiverr is a great option for finding freelancers with experience in creating professional Amazon infographic.

Simply search “Amazon infographics” or “infographics for Amazon” on Fiverr. There are many talented photographers and graphic designers offering this service.

Amazon Info graphics on Fiverr


Badly designed Amazon infographics can make your brand look unprofessional. Examine more than just the price before committing.

Look at their reviews and previous work to ensure they have experience in creating infographics specifically for Amazon.

If you can afford it, it might be a good idea to test different designers and use the best one for your listing.

Fiverr Infographic Pricing

The pricing on Fiverr for Amazon infographics can range from $5 to over $100. The difference in price is usually indicative of the quality of the work.

Here is an example of an infographic for $5 on Fiverr.



Here is an example of an infographic for $80 on Fiverr.

Best Amazon info graphics on Fiverr


The $5 example above provides you a basic infographic, while the $80 example both photographs and creates quality infographics.

Fiverr Amazon Infographics Fiverr is a great option to find talented graphic designers.
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Jungle Scout Market Infographics

Jungle Scout Market is another great platform to find top-rated product photographers and graphic designers to create infographics for your Amazon Listing.

Most of the graphic designers on Jungle Scout Market specialize in creating images specifically for Amazon.

Go to Jungle Scout Market and search for “Amazon Infographics” to find professional freelancers offering this service.

Jungle Scout Market Amazon infographics


The pricing packages on Jungle Scout Market for Amazon infographics can range from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

Most freelancers offer packages that also include other value-added services.

Jungle Market Amazon Infographics Find talented graphic designers on Jungle Market.
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