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Viral Launch Vs Jungle Scout: Which Software is better in 2020?

In order to become a successful Amazon seller in 2020, you only need two things: the right INFORMATION and the right Amazon research TOOLS.

Without the right product to sell, your Amazon career will not take off as you might have hoped when you started on Amazon.

To find the right products, you will need to use the best research tools on the market.

Viral Launch and Jungle Scout are two of the top research tools in the market today. However, they differ in pricing, software features, and capabilities.

Let’s examine Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout to see which product research tool is the best fit for you in 2020.


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Viral Launch Amazon FBA Software

Viral Launch is one of the best Amazon research software in the market in 2020. Amazon sellers looking to remove the guesswork from the FBA product research process can use their suite of tools to easily find thousands of untapped markets by using Viral Launch's unique filters.

Viral Launch has helped Amazon sellers drive over $8 billion in sales and those same tools can help you find and scale your Amazon products.

Leverage their powerful Amazon product research software and gain a competitive advantage in any market.

Viral Launch Software Features

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Viral Launch’s Product Discovery feature can help you confidently find your next Amazon product to sell.

With their easy-to-use Amazon product finder, you can quickly filter through over 200 million Amazon products, keywords, brands, and categories to find the one that’s right for you.

Their software is designed to help you cut down the amount of time you spend searching for products. You can use the different filters in product discovery to pull target results that meet your winning criteria.

It also gives you an option to use the advanced filters to get an even more specific list of products as you get more advanced on Amazon.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence Chrome extension allows Amazon sellers to confidently validate every product idea before sourcing. Market Intelligence provides you in-depth easy to understand data for making decisions.

With Market Intelligence Amazon sellers can get accurate sales estimates that lead to sourcing better quality products.

Among sales estimate data, Market Intelligence also gives you market price trends, review rates, and a product idea score to help you quantify a given product's worth.

Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence helps uncovers top sellers’ strengths while helping you capitalize on their weaknesses.

You can see their sales tactics, advertising strategies, and the keywords they’re neglecting so you find opportunities for growth and improvements.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

Viral Launch’s keyword research tool can help you take the guesswork out of your Amazon FBA research process. You can get relevant keywords and search volume based on actual Amazon data.

You can use this software to dig deep and find out exactly which keywords are best suited to your products and higher ranking.

Viral Launch Listing Builder

Viral Launch has two powerful listing optimization tools Amazon sellers can take advantage of.

Listing Analyzer allows sellers to make discover impactful improvements you can make today. Listing Builder can help sellers build listings ensuring they most important keywords are utilized.

Learn more about the best Amazon listing software and optimization services.

Amazon product launch service by Viral Launch

Launching your Amazon products by using Viral Launch can help you tap into the largest Amazon buyer groups in the world.

Viral Launch uses a deeply discounted promotional giveaway system to increase your brand awareness and drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. This, in turn, will increase your ranking and organic sales.

Take advantage of the most powerful Amazon product launch platform and skyrocket your Amazon business.

Viral Launch Split Testing

Split Testing is a smart strategy to figure out what works and doesn’t. Viral Launch’s split testing tool, ‘Listing Dojo’ can train your Amazon listing to be more profitable

Their platform allows you to figure out exactly which price point, images, and title makes your listing the most money.

Learn more about the best Amazon split testing software for FBA.

Check out this detailed tour of Viral Launch's software for Amazon FBA product research.

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Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch software pricing comes with two options, monthly or annual. There are 4 different pricing plans available for Amazon FBA sellers.

  • beginner package is recommended for entrepreneurs looking to successfully launch their first Amazon product.
  • The Pro package is for growing brands looking to expand and grow their monthly sales.
  • Brand Builder is recommended for larger Amazon brands looking to dominate their markets.
  • Kinetic is for established brands that are looking to maximize organic and PPC profits to increase margins and improve their ROI.
Viral Launch Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Beginner $59 $49
Pro $99 $83
Brand Builder $149 $124
Kinetic $249 $166

The Annual pricing options are about 15% cheaper per month than the monthly plan option. You can Save 40% off the annual plan + 2 months free with this exclusive deal.

Viral Launch Customer Reviews

          "Ive been using Viral Launch for over a year now and its truly and invaluable piece of software if you are just beginning selling on Amazon or are a 7 figure seller. Thank you!"
          "We are new to VL and have been getting our bearings, BUT that has been made so much easier by the chat function that the site has. We had Drew helping us, and he has been incredible. Very happy with the learning experience so far, and excited to see how VL works to grow our business!"
          "I subscribed to Viral Launch about three months ago. I think it's a great service with great customer care. I had some issues with the extension, contacted them and they were always eager to help."
          "Viral Launch has very awesome 24/7 support. I'm a new member and I've reached out with a few questions, and they are quick to respond and take care of things as quickly as possible, and most times even immediately. Been an awesome experience working with them so far."

Viral Launch Coupon Code

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Use these Viral Launch promo codes and save 20% off the monthly plans or save 40% + 2 months free with the annual plans.

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Jungle Scout Amazon Product Research Software

Jungle Scout is another powerful Amazon product research software that can help you find, launch and grow your product in 2020.

Whether you are just starting your Amazon journey or a seasoned seller, Jungle Scout can help you find profitable product opportunities faster than your competitors.

Here is a detailed review of Jungle Scout and the Amazon research tools they have to offer.

Jungle Scout Software Features

Jungle Scout Product Database

Jungle Scouts Product Database is a comprehensive database containing over 70 million products pulled directly from the Amazon catalog.

It allows Amazon sellers to easily search for products across Amazon global marketplaces with pre-set filters or specific filters that meet your preferences.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Product Tracker will track potential product ideas over time, monitoring daily inventory, sales, prices, and best seller rank to easily measure each product's performance with accuracy.

You can easily organize and compare your product ideas with confidence and discover seasonal or year-round opportunities.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

With Jungle Scout’s chrome extension Amazon sellers can easily extract product rank, sales volume, and estimated monthly revenue for each product and market on Amazon.

Use it to help you seek out tons of product opportunities and avoid making bad product investment.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

New to Jungle Scout, their Supplier Database helps Amazon sellers find qualified international suppliers based on their search criteria. This database also shows the supplier’s top customers and the products they manufacture.

Sellers can use customer volume and confirmed shipments from suppliers to qualify the best manufacturers to create their products.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a powerful keyword research tool by Jungle Scout. You can instantly generate thousands of keywords to help your products rank higher and increase sales.

They use data points directly from Amazon so you can accurately discover what Amazon shoppers are looking for.

Create your next product listing with high ranking keywords and find your next product by using Keyword Scout.

Amazon FBA Product Launch Service

New to Jungle Scout is their product launch program. This tool allows you to launch and promote your products directly within Jungle Scout. You can tap into ready to buy shoppers and make sales, while also increasing brand awareness.

FBA sellers can also communicate with customers to increase engagement and feedback. You can trigger automated emails to your customers specific to their customer journey.

How Accurate is Jungle Scout?

I interviewed Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer to find out exactly how their tool works.

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Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers monthly or yearly pricing options for Amazon sellers.

Here are the prices for the monthly subscription options. Jungle scout is $49 per month, Jungle Scout & Extension is $69 per month, and Jungle Scout chrome extension is $39 per month.

Jungle Scout Plans Monthly Pricing
Jungle Scout $49
Jungle Scout + Extension $69
Chrome Extension $39

The yearly options allow you to save by paying once annually for your plan. Here are the prices: Jungle scout is $39 per month, Jungle Scout & Extension is $49 per month, and Jungle Scout chrome extension is $19 per month.

Jungle Scout Plans Annual Pricing
Jungle Scout $39
Jungle Scout + Extension $49
Chrome Extension $19

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

          "Amazing customer service, Paui was the best! When I struggled with the Jungle Scout extension's "Request and Review Button," Paui got back to my quickly and was able to seamlessly help me troubleshoot the issue."
          "I have been using JS for over two years. Wonderful product that got me started selling and Amazon that has continued to evolve and help me grow my business. Keep up the great work and strong customer-centric approach-it is noticed!"
          "In my opinion, JS is one of the best tools for Amazon product research. It's reliable and very simple to use. A++"
          "This tool is beyond amazing. I received more than what I thought I was buying. It has everything you need to succeed with the tools incorporated and the Academy. Thanks for creating an amazing product."

Jungle Scout Coupon

Use the jungle scout promo code below and save on their Amazon product research tools.

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Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Here is a detailed comparison and review of Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout, in this video I explain which tool I personally prefer to use and why.

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