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Top Amazon A/B Split Testing Software For FBA Sellers

With millions of products on Amazon and a bunch of different variables to account for, how can you tell what is driving the customer's actions?

On Amazon, you can use split testing to measure your product name, hero image, or even product descriptions to determine what works better.

Knowing what works will in return allow you to make decisions that will lead to higher conversions and profit for your business.

Here are the best split testing software to help you increase sales and profitability in your Amazon business.


Pickfu Amazon fba


With PickFu, you can get concrete data about what people like through its terrific A/B testing system. It lets you create audience polls that help you make data-driven decisions with unbiased feedback.

PickFu then finds responders to pick an option and explain why. This way, you know what image best resonates with buyers, and you can perfect your product listings like a pro. It’s an efficient and amazing way to get crowdsourced insight complete with details and demographics.

How PickFu Works

There are 3 types of polls you can run on PickFu: Solo, Head-to-Head, and Ranked.

Here is how you run PickFu polls to get feedback in 15 minutes.

  1. Pick the type of poll you want to run
  2. You Ask Your Questions
  3. PickFu Finds Respondents
  4. You Get Your Results

PickFu Benefits

  1. Identify product designs: If you’re not sure which product variants to offer you can easily discover the product customers like the most before going production or scaling.
  2. Appealing product images: You can improve your click-through rates by using the best images. Identify which infographics, lifestyle photos, and products images work best.
  3. Improve product listing: Optimize your product copy and page design by discovering direct feedback from shoppers.
  4. Reliable audiences: Get instant access to the customers who matter to your business. Ask feedback from 50, 100, or even 500 respondents targeted by demographics, and behavioral such as Amazon Prime members.

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PickFu Pricing

Pickfu Pricing Plans Monthly Pricing Cost Per Response Responses Per Poll Audience Targeting Poll Results
Free Forever Plan $0 per month $1 per response Up to 100 responses 1 Max Audience Targeting Private Polls
Professional Plan $79 per month $0.95 per response Up to 500 responses 4 Max Audience Targeting Advanced Polling
Team plan $299 per month $0.90 per response Team Support (4 seats) 4 Max Audience Targeting API & Zapier Integration

PickFu offers two types of polls: basic and advanced

What You Get With Basic Polls

Responses Audience Targeting Respondent Data Poll Results
50 or 100 Up to 1 category target Age, gender Private Accessible via URL

What You Get With Advanced Polls

Responses Audience Targeting Respondent Data Poll Results
50,100,200 or 500 Up to 4 target categories (ex. Female & Amazon Prime Member) Age, gender, income, ethnicity, education Private Accessible via URL Download as csv/pdf Filterable / searchable responses

Pickfu Reviews

Steve Scott     "PickFu is my go-to tool whenever I want direct and honest feedback for my cover or book title. What I love is I get results within an hour and how the respondents provide a detailed 'reason why' they voted a certain way."
Tim Grahl     "I have loved PickFu and recommended it to dozens of people already. I've used it to quickly iterate ideas and have some data to make decisions. I'm a huge fan and will definitely continue using it for various projects."
Kevin Lanceplaine     "PickFu is my go-to tool whenever I want direct and honest feedback for my cover or book title. What I love is I get results within an hour and how the respondents provide a detailed 'reason why' they voted a certain way."
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splitly Amazon fba

Splitly, as the name suggests, is an A/B Split Testing toolkit that lets you run automated split tests for your Amazon products to optimize your ranking and conversion. If you decide that adjusting your prices is the solution, its auto repricer steps in and does the job for you.

It also has its own keyword tracking system so you can monitor your listing’s performance on a daily basis. Splitly consolidates all your reports for you and provides historical data, giving you the ability to see how your products have been performing over a period of time.

Splitly powerful optimization tools have helped thousands of Amazon private label sellers generate millions in extra revenue.

How Splitly Works

Upload your variants

splitly variants

Start with your original listing and make adjustments to the test. You can experiment with your price, features, images, descriptions or back-end keywords.

Run the experiment

splitly variants

Their software periodically updates your product listings, rotating through your variants. Sit back and let us do the hard work.

Find your winner

splitly a/b testing amazon

Splitly pulls reports directly from your seller account and determines a statistically significant winner, so you can make more sales.

Splitly Benefits

  • Scientifically proven results: Don’t leave your Amazon listing optimization to chance and assumptions. The Splitly data scientists have engineered sophisticated algorithms so that you can quickly and easily improve your listings for increased profits.
  • Algorithmic split testing: You can scientifically test every element of your product listing for increased conversions and profits. Easily test your pricing, images, titles, features, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Automated optimization: Stay one step ahead of the competition with profit peak, artificial intelligence-powered optimization tool. You can set up in minutes and leverage continuous private label repricing on autopilot.
  • Remove manual work: Testing your listings or changing your pricing manually is intensive and time-consuming. It requires logging into Seller Central at inconvenient times to make changes and spending hours analyzing report data. Remove manual work with Splitly and saves time.

Splitly Coupon

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Splitly Pricing

Splitly Monthly Pricing Starter Growth Business Enterprise
Price $47/mo $97/mo $197/mo $497
Concurrent Tests 3 10 25 100
Keywords 100 500 1000 5000
A/B Tests        
Profit Peak        

Splitly Reviews

Steve Scott           "I didn't know I could run split tests on my Amazon products until I found Splitly. In my first month optimizing my listing, my conversion rate improved by 18%. In a competitive niche like mine, this is huge!"
Tim Grahl           "A/B testing on Amazon is a no brainer for anyone who wants to truly optimize their listings. Splitly automates the whole process for you and makes it super simple to test different prices, images, titles and more. I’ve been able to squeeze out an additional 20% of profit from my products through A/B testings with Splitly."
Kevin Lanceplaine           "I tested a few different headlines to target different niches and search queries with my product. Good thing I did, I’m now ranking higher and converting more sales in a less competitive niche, thanks to the tests from Splitly."

Trendle Analytics

trendle analytics split testing

Trendle Analytics split testing automatically tests every element of your listing to increase sales and profits and crush your competition.

You can test prices, sale prices, images, title and bullet points. With just a few clicks you can choose which product you want to perform a test on. You choose what variable to test, over what time period and how often.

You can currently run up to 50 split tests in parallel at any one time across all Amazon Marketplaces (USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Australia).

How Trendle Analytics split testing works

  1. Go to Split Test page and click “Create New Test”
  2. You then select which element you want to run a test on. You can choose Price, Sale Price, Main Image, Bullet Points, Description.
  3. Save & Schedule Campaign. Once this button is clicked, you can no longer edit that campaign. To make changes, you would need to end or delete this campaign and to create a new campaign.

Trendle Analytics Benefits

  • Available for all marketplaces: Integrate all your Seller Central accounts in one place and it works for 11 major Amazon marketpalces around the globe.
  • Automatically test every element: Test all elements of your listing to increase sales and profit. You can test price, images, title, bullet points and more.
  • Run up to 50 tests:Run up to 50 tests in parallel on your listing and continuously optimize them.

Trendle Analytics Coupon

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Trendle Analytics Pricing

Plan Features Starter Professional
Pricing $50/mo $100/mo
FBA Reimbursements 10% 10%
Keyword Ranking 100 keywords 1,000 keywords
PPC Reporting & Automation Up to $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend Over $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend
Automatic Emails    
Profit Analytics    
Inventory Forecasting    
Split Testing    
Test Every Element On Amazon Test every element of your listing and crush your competition. .
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Trendle Analytics Reviews

          "Trendle Analytics is one of the best-renowned all-in-one Amazon tools that you could come across."
          "In addition to saving users hundreds of dollars by not having to use half a dozen different tools, Trendle makes life easier by having all major features under one roof."
          "Trendle is the all-in-one Amazon PPC management software that looks to help Amazon sellers grow their business in profitable ways."

Viral Launch Listing Dojo

viral launch listing dojo


Listing Dojo is an intuitive Amazon listing split testing platform which allows you to test various elements of your listing such as sessions, sales, and or profit. It allows you to test up to 7 variations of each of your listing’s price, title, images, and descriptions.

Listing Dojo reports how each tested variation improves/decreases clicks, sessions, conversions, units, ordered, gross revenue, and net revenue.

Listing Dojo essentially allows you to learn how to increase your listing’s profitability requiring no work after initial setup on your part.

How Listing Dojo Works

Select a product.

listing dojo split testing


Choose a product you want to test to find opportunities and increase sales.

Choose the element.

amazon split testing


Select between testing your listing's title, price, images, or description (you can add other listing elements to test later).

Enter the product information.


Add-in all the new listing information you want to test.

Make money

Aamzon fba listing dojo


Listing Dojo will train your listing for maximum profitability. You’ll receive reports as each test finishes so you can analyze the data and implement your most profitable listing variations.

Listing Dojo Benefits

  • Increase Sales: Use analytics to show you exactly how to create your listing to drive the optimum number of clicks, sessions, conversions, and profitability.
  • Statistics: Get comprehensive graphs and statistics to quickly identify the most profitable options for each listing element.
  • Set and forget: Easily create your split test in minutes. Your campaign will run in the background and make you money with no extra effort on your part.
  • Mobile Stats: The listing dojo platform is mobile friendly allowing you to stay up to date by viewing your real-time stats even on the go!

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Listing Dojo Pricing

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