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Trendle Analytics Review - Amazon FBA Sellers

Having insightful data and access to the right Amazon analytics software can make a difference in the quality of your business decisions.

The top Amazon sellers continuously succeed because they leverage the best tools and data to gain a competitive edge in any market.

Let’s look at how you can leverage Trendle Analytics to succeed in your FBA business.

Trendle Analytics is one of the top all-around Amazon software available to FBA sellers. Their all-inclusive packages offer dedicated features to cover every aspect of your Amazon business.

The software is designed by Amazon sellers specifically for FBA sellers, with an understanding of what it takes to succeed on Amazon.

Trendle Analytics smart features allow you to:

  • Optimize your PPC ads with powerful algorithms that automatically optimize your campaigns for you.
  • Maximize your profitability by keeping detailed track of 140+ different Amazon costs to determine exact profitability
  • Monitor your reviews and ranking on Amazon to help increase organic ranking for your listings.
  • Get money back from Amazon for lost and damaged FBA inventory. Trendle Analytics has recovered over half a million dollars to FBA sellers from Amazon.
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Trendle Analytics Features

Having to use different software for the different parts of your Amazon business can often be time-consuming and costly.

With Trendle Analytics, you can send automatic email follow-ups to customers, run PPC ads, do inventory forecasting or even split test your listings to increase conversion.

PPC Advertising

Sellers can supercharge sponsored product ads by using the PPC feature from Trendle Analytics. It allows you to automate analysis and improve ACoS by making it easy to run campaigns.

Profitability Analytics

Always know the true profitability of each product in your account. Trendle Analytics makes it easy to identify the key cost drivers, ensure Amazon fees are what you expect, and even compare product performance across different Amazon marketplaces.

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory forecasting is key to consistent sales and continued increase in ranking on Amazon FBA. The inventory forecasting allows you to be alert on slow-moving stock and upcoming stock outs so you can take action.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword rank ultimately determines your success on Amazon. With Trendle Analytics, you easily track where your products rank for specific keywords over time to ensure continued organic sales.

Split Testing

Split testing on Amazon FBA is something all FBA sellers should be leveraging in their business. Trendle Analytics allows you to automatically test every element of your listing to increase sales and profit.

FBA Reimbursements

Unless FBA sellers ask, Amazon often fails to compensate them for damaged or lost items within their warehouses or when a customer doesn't return items. Trendle has a team of trained professionals who can claim with Amazon on your behalf.

Automatic Emails

The automatic email feature allows sellers to build strong customer relationships with effortless automatic email follow-ups. Automatically sending post-purchase emails to your customers can increase your positive reviews by up to 3x.

With Trendle Analytics you can easily stay up to date with your reviews by receiving alerts for all your product seller reviews.

Trendle Analytics Pricing

Plan Features Starter Professional
Pricing $50/mo $100/mo
FBA Reimbursements 10% 10%
Keyword Ranking 100 keywords 1,000 keywords
PPC Reporting & Automation Up to $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend Over $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend
Automatic Emails    
Profit Analytics    
Inventory Forecasting    
Split Testing    
Newbie Special Offer
Get all the features of the Pro! Only for new Amazon sellers with less than 1000 Orders sold since creating Seller Central account

Trendle Analytics Reviews

          "Trendle Analytics is one of the best-renowned all-in-one Amazon tools that you could come across."
          "In addition to saving users hundreds of dollars by not having to use half a dozen different tools, Trendle makes life easier by having all major features under one roof."
          "Trendle is the all-in-one Amazon PPC management software that looks to help Amazon sellers grow their business in profitable ways."
Get 14-Days Free Trial Take Advantage of this offer and get 2-weeks free from Trendle Analytics
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