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10 Amazon Analytics Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers

One of the major differences between successful Amazon sellers who go on to make 6-figures or even millions and the average Amazon seller is often the tools they use.

High performing sellers understand the importance of the right information and therefore leverage the best tools to help them separate their business from the pack.

The quality of the information you rely on by default will dictate the quality of the actions you take within your business.

Sellers who consistently make better-informed quality business decisions relative to their competitors will undoubtedly go on to be more successful.

In this article, we’ll cover 10 of the best Amazon analytics tools for FBA sellers in 2020. Leverage these tools and use the best information and take your Amazon business to the next level.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Although Amazon now offers its version of an analytics tool for 3rd-party sellers, the tool is only available to sellers who own a brand.

This means you must be registered through Amazon Brand Registry and meet their criteria which includes having a trademark for your brand.

Located under the Reports tab in Seller Central, brand owners can data reports on their products which are generally available in about 72 hours of the data being recorded.

Amazon Brand Analytics gives brand owners data reports on:

  • Amazon Search Terms report
  • Demographics Report
  • Item Comparison Report
  • Alternate Purchase Report
  • Market Basket Report

Keep in mind, even if you are a brand owner with access to Amazon’s Brand Analytics feature, their generic reports will not be as good as the dedicated amazon seller analytics software compiled in this article.

Here are 10 of the best amazon analytics tools for Amazon FBA sellers.


Accelerlist is an intuitive Amazon listing software that supports Bulk, Private and Live Listing workflows.

The active display of merchant and FBA prices alongside the Keepa charts provide a clear picture of where and how Amazon sellers should price their items.

The tool also allows you to have real-time access to Marketplace reports and your inventory health analytics. It is highly recommended by sellers who are looking to scale their business and sell their products fast.

AccelerList Features

Accelerlist gets you the latest Amazon pricing data from their API along with other important data points you need for success. You can Auto set your minimum ROI prices and keep profits high.

Get instant business reports and the sales data you need to make decisions exactly when you need it. Accelerlist provides you fresh Amazon analytics data such as the exact price that has the Buy Box of a product.

Their software provides you with clear profits and analytics quickly. You can upload your confusing Amazon sales reports and automatically get clarity and insight. Get easy to read profit and loss statements and one-page income statement your CPA needs.

Easily manage your Amazon shipments with the Box Content Manager. Accelerlist allows you to create 2D barcodes for large shipments and auto-sync your shipments with ease.

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AccelerList Pricing

Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
$34 per month $340 per year

AccelerList Customer Reviews

      "I love that this software is made for using Amazon as a seller so I feel like I can see what will sell so much better plus I can use the same keywords on other sites I sell."
      "What initially could have been a bad experience was quickly handled in a matter that was very satisfactory to my company. The software is good, comparable to Sellics--I'd say the two are about even there, but the ability to promote on Vipon is what really sets AMZ tracker apart for me."
      " I was able to get AMZ tracker set up and running in minutes. I am more of a video person, and the short videos included right in the program allowed me to get products set up and ready to go in under 15 minutes."

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AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a versatile Offense and Defense software for Amazon Sellers. It helps you understand your product ranking through keyword tracking and enables you to track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make changes.

You can also get alerts for negative reviews and hijacking attempts. AMZ Tracker also comes with a Super URL feature that you can use to direct social media users to your products for marketing.

AMZ Tracker can help your Amazon FBA products quickly reach the first-page ranking in your market.

AMZ Tracker Features

You can leverage the Keyword Tracking software to know when and where your products are ranking for your important keywords at a glance. It also allows you to track your competitor’s products so you can see exactly when they make a change that works.

Increase your conversion rates by quickly identifying what’s bringing your conversion rate down and fixing it before your sales take a hit.

Hijackers can be a nightmare on Amazon. With AMZ Tracker you can get an alert when a seller tries to hijack your listing and easily reclaim it before they gather crucial data on your product and market.

With the Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension, you can easily pull it on any Amazon search page and see a product’s revenue, number of reviews, quality of the listing and number of sellers. Easily find your competitor’s flaws and outsell them in any Amazon market.


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AMZ Tracker Pricing

Monthly Pricing Basic Professional God Mode Legend
Pricing $50 $100 $200 $400
Keywords 110 500 1500 3000
Products 50 100 200 400

AMZ Trackr Customer Reviews

          "I love that this software is made for using Amazon as a seller so I feel like I can see what will sell so much better plus I can use the same keywords on other sites I sell."
          "What initially could have been a bad experience was quickly handled in a matter that was very satisfactory to my company. The software is good, comparable to Sellics--I'd say the two are about even there, but the ability to promote on Vipon is what really sets AMZ tracker apart for me. "
          "I was able to get AMZ tracker set up and running in minutes. I am more of a video person, and the short videos included right in the program allowed me to get products set up and ready to go in under 15 minutes."

AMZ Tracker Coupon

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Forecastly is a predictive analytics and forecasting tool for Amazon sellers. Whether you are a wholesaler or a private labeler, this tool solves all your inventory projections and reorder problems.

Their Advanced Replenishment Stats tell you when it’s time to reorder and also gives you the exact number of units you will need. The Inbound Shipment Tool lets you reconcile your inbound shipments and process both Amazon and non-Amazon shipments.

With Forecastly, you are never out of stock or overstocked, so you never leave money on the table. Leverage this software and keep your Amazon cash flow consistent and sales velocity high.

Forecastly Features

Easily predict your future product demand in seconds. Forecastly’s predictive software makes accurate demand forecasts in seconds, saving you hours of inventory management and spreadsheets.

Running out of stock can mean losing sales and ranking to your competitors. Forecastly alerts you to reorder at the perfect time to prevent a stock-out so you can keep your sales going and profits growing.

Forecastly’s dashboard gives you all the information you about the health of your Amazon business in one tool and in real-time. You can customize the reporting settings to match your exact business needs.

Take the headache out of your Amazon accounting by instantly finding exactly where your cash is tied up with month-end snapshots of our inventory and easily keep track of your inventory costs.

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Forecastly Pricing

Save an extra 20% Off when you opt for the annual billing option.

Monthly Pricing Pro Expert Small Enterprise Large Enterprise
Pricing $99/mo $199/mo $299/mo contact
Monthly Orders Up to 3,000 Up to 15,000 Up to 25,000 Over 25,000

Forecastly Customer Reviews

          "A solid product, a very fair price, and some of the best customer service I have ever used. Every time I have reached out to them they've been friendly and helpful, rather quickly, too. If you use Amazon you really need a Forecastly account. I can't imagine why you wouldn't want one."
          "Before Forecastly, I was using excel to try and guess how much inventory to order and quite frankly, it was a costly nightmare. Now that I’m using Forecastly, stock-outs are practically non-existent, and it has single-handedly increased my end of the year revenue drastically."
          "To be honest, I never paid too much attention to reconciling shipments - too daunting - but this feature in your program makes it so much easier. In a matter of minutes, I was able to see exactly where there were issues and was reimbursed for missing items. I honestly don't think I would have caught them if not for this program!! So thank you for that."

Forecastly Coupon

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Helloprofit is a business intelligence software that doubles as a CRM. It houses 6 powerful tools that help any Amazon seller with their business operations. Its comprehensive Merchant Dashboard is able to integrate sales data from your multiple seller accounts and even from multiple countries.

You can aggregate your product performance through the Product Dashboard tool and find opportunities based on your performance through the help of its PPC Manager. The Customer and Orders CRM work well with its Payout Reporting system to tell you more about your customers’ buying behaviors, while your profits are tracked by ASIN and SKU.

HelloProfit has a full suite of Amazon Seller analytics that allows you to get complete control of your FBA business.

HelloProfit Features

With HelloProfit’s analytics technology, you can get live sales updates and watch your sales stats, product ranking, and profit live from anywhere.

Get easy to understand visualized payout reporting. You can know and analyze the financials of your Amazon business with clear, organized reports to see exactly where the money is in the business.

You can easily measure individual product growth or see aggregate stats by grouping your products. For example, you can customize by one product or choose to see only FBM products.

Monitor your sales rank to determine the progress of your marketing efforts. HelloProfit gives you a detailed breakdown in order to quickly identify transaction types per SKU.

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HelloProfit Pricing

Monthly Pricing Expert Plan
Pricing $97/mo

HelloProfit Customer Reviews

          "I can finally see the PROFIT of each variation in REAL time! Having multiple products HP is really powerful as it simplifies my accounting, and lets me see what’s PROFITABLE and what’s not (for ads and products). Great Job Guys!"
          "Like any Amazon seller, I once ran out of stock, losing a lot of money, because the coupon code was spread out… HP is the FIRST TOOL I know that could have saved me from this – it shows you exactly which sales are organic and which are promo! It’s GREAT!"
          "It Saved me A LOT of Time, Money AND Effort as it congregates a lot of tools into ONE and gives you way more information than any other tool."

HelloProfit Coupon

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SellerApp combines all the Amazon tools you need such as for Sales, Marketing and Operations all in one place. It helps you discover the best products with the best profits, flags negative search terms and automatically mines for converting words to optimize your listing.

You can track your sales and inventory using the Profit Dashboard and you can also use it as a Chrome extension so it stays with you with every product that you browse. They also offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

From finding the best selling product ideas to extracting high-quality keywords, and creating advanced high converting listings, Sellerapp can help you discover the exact analytics you need to accelerate your Amazon optimization.

SellerApp Features

You can leverage advanced product intelligence software to discover the best selling Amazon products. Get insightful analytics that allows you to discover only high potential and low competition products and niches.

The Amazon keyword tracker feature allows you to track the performance of your keywords. You can easily discover your listing’s rank for a given keyword and optimize your listing by focusing on your profitable keywords.

Use the Amazon profit dashboard to boost your profit and inventory health. You get accurate sales insights and inventory management so you always know your true profit margins in your business.

Monitor your critical business metrics such as sales, profits, and inventory to get actionable insights and analytics for your Amazon business.

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SellerApp Pricing

Save 25% on each pricing plan when you opt for the yearly billing option.

Monthly Plan Professional Business Enterprise
Pricing $199 $399 $549
Products Tracked 100 250 500
Amazon Revenue (up to) $25k $100k $10 Million

SellerApp Customer Reviews

          "I came to Sellerapp from a similar service that had absolutely no support. It was about 10% the price, but what good is it if you can't use it? After being disappointed with the other service I was somewhat apprehensive, but Sellerapp has been with me from day one and well worth every penny I have spent."
          "I am new to selling Amazon. Sellerapp is very easy to use and the phone support is outstanding. I have been working with Ankitha, she is very knowledgeable and easy to work with."
          "SellerApp makes everything super easy and smooth for my Amazon selling business. I have spend lot of time for researching which would be the best analytic tool and I finally found one. Now it's really hard for me to imagine my business without sellerapp. Highly Recommended."

SellerApp Coupon

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Sellerboard has a lot of useful tools that are designed to optimize your selling potential and increase profits.

Analyze the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups and keywords through the PPC Dashboard. The Cash flow tool allows you to manage your expenses and helps you plan your amount of available cash through forecasts. The Profit and Loss View feature is capable of showing you data on all relevant parameters from sales to shipping to refunds.

Their Live Dashboard feeds you detailed information on Amazon fees, PPC spends, return costs and more. All their charts are customable and can be filtered by marketplace or product.

Sellerboard can give you the exact key analytics you need to increase save time and increase your Amazon profits.

SellerBoard Features

You can use the product breakdown feature to get exact detailed analytics on any product and for any period of time in your Amazon business. See actual sales, profit, fees, and expenses related to each product.

The PPC dashboard tracks the profitability of your ads to help you optimized bids and reach your target profitability for any of your Amazon products.

Get all of your Amazon related data automatically and monitor your fixed costs and other expenses. You get a detailed breakdown of your recurring or one time expenses to easily track them.

Get restock alerts for every product in time and every time. Sellerboard calculates the selling speed of your products based on 3, 7 and 30-days and automatically notifies you when it is time to restock.

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SellerBoard Pricing

Sellerboard has 3 billing options for each pricing package, monthly, half-yearly, and annual. Save an extra 10% with the half-yearly billing and 20% with the annual.

Monthly Pricing Plan Standard Professional Business Enterprise
Pricing $19 $29 $39 $79
Orders Per Month 3,000 6,000 15,000 50,000
Autoresponder Emails 150/Month 6,000/Month 15,000/Month 30,000/Month
Seller Accounts 4 6 8 16
Additional Users 1 2 4 4

SellerBoard Customer Reviews

          "I would like to give a big thanks to the guys from sellerboard - I've been using sellerbord from the beginning. There is no other tool with such a good profit dashboard for Amazon sellers. I'm also using cashflow and forecasting for my products. Try it, it will definitely blow your mind!"
          "Sellerboard is the clearest platfrom, that breaks down all the numbers and costs associated with your business. I also use selleboard for inventory planning. I highly recommend using sellerboard! There is nothing to lose, you can try it for free and see how it works for yourself!"
          "The only thing I rely on for financing and expenses is sellerboard. I check it almost daily to see how our business is doing. Thank you guys for putting such a great product out into the world."

Sellerboard Coupon

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Trendle Analytics

Trendle Analytics has a complete line-up of any Amazon seller’s essential tools for business operations. It combines all your Seller Central accounts in one place.

Their software comes with a keyword monitoring feature and split testing capabilities so you can test every element of your product listing to increase your sales and profits.

You can automate your email marketing campaigns and review requests while tracking your real-time reviews and product scores.

They keep track of over 140+ analytics and different Amazon costs to show you your exact profitability for any of your FBA products. Their software is designed to help you maximize your Amazon profits in every are of the business.

Trendle Analytics Features

The Profitability analytics feature allows you to always know the true profits of each product in your Amazon portfolio. You easily identify the key cost drivers and compare product performance to make your business decisions.

Supercharge your Amazon product ads with automated analysis and consistently improve your ACoS based on your preferences. You can enter your product costs and get precise profit margins every time.

With the inventory forecasting feature, you can be alerted ahead of time on the slow-moving stock as well as on upcoming stock outs so you can always be in stock. Their analytics dashboard allows you to visually understand where your investment is tied up to avoid long term Amazon storage fees.

Stay up to date with all your reviews and Amazon feedback. You can receive alerts for all your products so you never let a bad review sink your sales again. The software allows you to easily track the number of reviews and average scores of all your products so you can always improve your listings.

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Trendle Analytics Pricing

Plan Features Starter Professional
Pricing $50/mo $100/mo
FBA Reimbursements 10% 10%
Keyword Ranking 100 keywords 1,000 keywords
PPC Reporting & Automation Up to $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend Over $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend
Automatic Emails    
Profit Analytics    
Inventory Forecasting    
Split Testing    

Special Pricing Offer For Amazon Beginners

Newbie Special Offer
Get all the features of the Pro! Only for new Amazon sellers with less than 1000 Orders sold since creating Seller Central account

Trendle Analytics Customer Reviews

          "Trendle Analytics is one of the best-renowned all-in-one Amazon tools that you could come across."
          "In addition to saving users hundreds of dollars by not having to use half a dozen different tools, Trendle makes life easier by having all major features under one roof."
          "Trendle is the all-in-one Amazon PPC management software that looks to help Amazon sellers grow their business in profitable ways."

Trendle Analytics Coupon

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ManageByStats software suite for Amazon sellers can get you more reviews, save time and ultimately make more profits. Their comprehensive suite of tools comes with a profit dashboard that includes stats and graphs, transaction and inventory analytics and much more.

Their software allows you to see exactly what is happening with your Amazon traffic, conversion rates and other key metrics in your Amazon business all automated to save you time.

You can use graphs and analytics to visually spot trends with your Amazon business and make informed decisions that will help you increase sales and profits.

ManageByStats Features

Instantly see how much profit you're making on Amazon. Enter your product costs and see immediately in real-time your sales, profit, ROI, margins, promotion performance, and refunds by product or brand, by any date range.

Automate customer follow-up messages on Amazon with their SellerMail feature. Offer better customer service, get more reviews, and get more seller feedback - automatically. You can use pre-built templates or write your own emails and watch your brand grow.

Knowing full customer info is important when you sell things on Amazon. See a complete list of all your Amazon customers, including repeat buyers, anytime you want. Their software is fully searchable by name, product, geography, or date.

Every Amazon FBA business needs easy, transparent financial insight. Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns and see the real picture of your Amazon finances for any date range. Use graphs to visually spot trends in your Amazon business so you can act to increase sales and profits.

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ManageByStats PPC Pricing

Starter Launch Professional
$19.97/mo $39.97/mo $59.97/mo
Product Finder Tool All Starter Tools + All Starter & Launch Tools +
Competitor Analysis Keyword Tracking Profit Dashboard
Keyword Distiller Product Tagging & Metrics Auto responder – 1,000/Mo Included
Wordsmith Listing Optimizer Inventory Management Keyword Tracking – 25 Keywords
Free Finder Chrome Extension Supports Multiple Seller Accounts Supports All Amazon Marketplaces
Plus more features Plus more features Plus more features

Manage By Stats Reviews

          "ManageBystats saves me hours every day as my go-to Amazon seller performance dashboard. As my Amazon business continued to grow, I found myself spending way too much time collecting data from various Amazon reports and manually inputting into spreadsheets. As my sales grew and my products multiplied, I was going crazy trying to make sense of it all. Now that I am a few months in, I couldn’t imagine running my business without Mange by Stats"
          "MangebyStats is great! We love it because it connects to Amazon directly and puts all the important data we need into one easy to use interface. All the data that we need to make important decisions are right there for us to look at. No need to log into Amazon to generate reports that are impossible to understand."
          "MangebyStats helps me to view my Amazon business easily and quickly in one place. It is simple to navigate and presents information that is highly valuable to making decisions. It saves time and paints a more complete picture of what my business actually looks like and what to focus on in order to get the most out of it. Statistics are vital to running a business and the Manage by Stats system makes it possible."

ManageByStats PPC Coupon

Get 14-Month Free Trial! Take Advantage of this offer from ManageByStats.
Get Deal Expiry: is one of the best repricing and analytics Amazon FBA software for sellers looking to stay ahead of their competition.

Their software allows you to increase sales and win the coveted Buy Box with smart algorithms that strategically adjust your prices using machine learning.

The automated repricing strategies can keep you competitive in any Amazon market and increase your Buy Box ownership by an average of 60% in the first two weeks.

Leverage their smart repricing algorithms and advanced analytics to help you hit your Amazon FBA goals in 2020. Features

You can increase your Amazon sales, profits and win more buy boxes by strategically and automatically adjusting your prices even with there is no competition on your products.

React to your competitors with instant price changes and avoid losing your Buy Box in any market. You can target your competition by choosing to match, the price below, or pricing above their offers.

Use their advanced sales analytics to make better business decisions and grow your business. You can easily view metrics that give you insight into how your strategies are performing over time and go beyond simply raising and lowering prices.

View insightful analytics about your listing’s recent price change with their pricing summary feature. This allows you to understand how and why prices changed including insight into your competitor’s actions.

Sign up and get 2 weeks free! Take Advantage of this offer and try free for two weeks.
Try Now Expiry: Pricing

Monthly Pricing Starter Growth Professional
Pricing $99/mo $199/mo $299/mo
Instant Repricing      
Detailed Reporting Customer Reviews

          "Unlike other repricing software I have used in the past lets me set different strategies for different sectors of our business. I am able to see everything at a glance and know how I am doing. They are always adding new features to help my business grow."
          "This app is a must. If you sell on amazon, this is a mandatory application. I used to waste time comparing prices with our competitors, I no longer have to do it. You just set up your low and max price, and you are done. It boosted my sales and removed risk of overselling due to sales on another listing or on another site.Their customer support is outstanding. You submit a ticket, and within 20 min, you get an answer."
          "The clean interface makes it really easy to get started, the support is fantastic and my sales are higher than ever. The ability to continuously reprice and retrieve the shipping prices of my competitors is what really sets it apart. By far the best repricer i've used to date. Highly recommended!" Coupon

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Sellics makes it easy for you to get your Amazon business up and running. This platform puts together more than five analytics tools in one package and has separate systems in place for Amazon sellers and vendors. Its Product Detector and Niche Analyzer tools help you find the best products and understand your desired niche.

The Cockpit feature allows you to track your account’s performance and its Spy Tool lets you monitor your competitors’ prices and discover their top sellers.

Their arsenal also includes a PPC Manager, Keyword Tracker, and Inventory Manager. Their customer support boasts a 93% satisfaction rate which gives subscribers the confidence to trust Sellics with their businesses.

Sellics Features

Automate PPC Campaigns and use their software to save time and achieve higher returns on your ad spend with a focus on growing your profits.

Profit Dashboard you can use to track your profits in real-time with their fully automated calculations of your real profits on Amazon.

Competitor Monitoring feature that allows you to find your top competitors and see where they outperform you. You can track their daily sales volume and keyword rankings.

Ranking Optimizer to get your products ranked higher on Amazon by researching high volume keywords, optimizing your listing and much more.

Get 14-Month Free Trial! Take Advantage of this special offer with NO Credit Card required.
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Sellics Pricing

Annual Revenue Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57/mo -- --
$1k - $60k $67/mo $57/mo $47/mo
$60k - $240k $97/mo $87/mo $77/mo
$240k - $600k $157/mo $137/mo $177/mo
$600k - $1.2 million $217/mo $187/mo $157/mo
$1.2 million+ $317/mo $287/mo $257/mo

Sellics Customer Reviews

          "An essential tool if you are serious about growing your Amazon business. Excellent features, easy to use, and great customer service and tutorials. It has made a huge difference to my daily schedule and significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on optimising ads and listings. I would thoroughly recommend."
          "Sellics has been an excellent tool for us to keep track of our sales, inventories, and campaign managing. It allows us manage our Amazon sales, campaigns and inventory in a much easier manner. The mobile application also gives us useful information to keep track of our business."
          "Sellics is awesome. I can keep track of my earnings The interface is very intuitive and the set of tools are the most important you need to grow the business and increase profits. I really like how I can see if I’m making a profit or not. Many Amazon sellers lose money because they spend too much on advertising and thanks to Sellics I am not one of them anymore."

Sellics Coupon

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