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Top Amazon Repricer For FBA Sellers

Amazon repricing is one of the best strategies for FBA sellers to win the buy box by ensuring they are always selling at a competitive price point.

Here is how Amazon repricing works.

  1. You or your competitor makes a price change
  2. Amazon notifies your integrated repricer of the change
  3. Your repricer calculates the new price
  4. Background safety checks are carried out to protect minimum and maximum prices
  5. Your repricer notifies Amazon of the price change
  6. Amazon’s Pricing Error System checks the new price
  7. The new price is updated on Amazon

Bqool and Xselloc are two of the best Amazon repricers on the market. Let’s look at an overview of both Amazon repricing software compare so you can choose the best option for your business.

Bqool Repricing Central

Bqool’s repricing software can help improve your seller rank on Amazon and push your products to win the Buy Box over your competition.

Once a change is detected, the software will automatically optimize product pricing every 5-15 minutes to maximize your sales and profit margin.

Bqool Repricer Benefits

BQool’s repricing software has a few different features all designed to help you beat your competition while improving your seller rank.

  • 5-minute Accelerated Repricing: Accelerated Repricing allows you to monitor your listings 24/7 to detect any price changes ahead of your competitors. Once price change is detected, BQool pushes the repricing frequency to its maximum capacity every 5-15 minutes, to ensure your price is always optimized to win the Buy Box.
  • Schedule Repricing: The schedule repricer allows you to gain ultimate control over your pricing strategy by scheduling your repricing time. When you assign a listing with a rule that has a schedule set up, the listing will automatically begin or stop repricing during a specific time of day.
  • Embedded Price and Profit Calculator: The embedded price and Profit Calculator refreshes the data with every new entry to give you the most updated fees. This allows you to get close estimations on your profit margins and product ROI so you can always make an informed decision.

Bqool Pricing

The monthly pricing options for Bqool are $25/month, $50/month, $75/month, and $100/month.

The annual plans cost: $22.50/month, $45/month, $67.50/month, and $90/month.

Here is a detailed overview of Bqool's pricing options.

Monthly Pricing Plans $25 $50 $75 $100
Repricing speed 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 5 minutes
Listing Available 1000 5000 7500 10000
InventoryLab Synchronization        
Compete Against Buy Box        
Price & Profit Calculator        
Schedule Repricing        
Dashboard and Report        
Download Reports        

Bqool Customer Reviews

Dan Stelter           "I was able to reprice my items and sell them faster than I would doing so manually. So I got what's advertised and implied. Reprices just like it says. Costs a lot less than competing options. Essential to survive on Amazon. Overall, for what you pay, it does well."
Amy T           "I had put off getting a repricer for a while, just not wanting to put in the time for all the set up. It does take a long time to set the rules and everything for your products. I LOVE that this one integrates with Inventory Lab. Inputting the cost for thousands of SKUs would take forever, so the integration ability is why I decided on Bqool over other repricers."
Kim Coghlan           "I tried several repricers before settling on Bqool. For the money, it is the most powerful and flexible repricing service on the market.I love the ability to interact with competition differently based on whether it's FBA, MF, or Amazon, and the auto-compete feature is pure brilliance!"
Rob Tucker           "I have used BQool for about 3 months and so far its been a great experience. In terms of price, this repricing tool is relatively cheap compared to other repricing tools on the market. Yet, it just as robust as the more expensive tools. In addition, they offer great customer service. If your looking for a tool that can do everything you need and keep costs low then this is the tool you want."

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Here is an in-depth review of Bqool Repricing Central.

Xsellco Repricer

When it comes to winning the buy box, xSellco repricer can make it easy to automatically adjust prices in as little as 90 seconds helping you immediately get the buy box.

xSellco’s pricing strategy is designed to help sellers maximize their sales by ensuring they win the buy box faster than competitors in any market.

Xsellco Repricer Benefits

  • Net-margin repricing: Make a profit on every sale. You can enter your costs and only sell at your target profit margin.
  • Scheduler: Raise your sales during slow periods of the week by scheduling time-specific rules that optimize your repricing strategy.
  • Buy Box predictor: Identify products with a high and low probability of winning the Buy Box and take action.

Xsellco Pricing

xSellco offers monthly and annual subscription plans for its repricing software. You can save over 25% on all plans when you pay annually.

The four subscription packages are the Basic package, Plus package, Ultimate package, and Extreme package.

Monthly Pricing BASIC $99 PLUS $299 ULTIMATE $499 EXTREME $1499
Products 2,500 50,000 250,000 1,000,000
Repricing Hourly Instant Instant Instant
Channels 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Competitor Tracking 24 Hours 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Support Standard Priority 24/7 Priority 24/7 Priority 24/7
Performance Reports        
1:1 Repricing Workshop   Free Free Free
Buy Box Predictor        
Net Margin Repricing        

Xsellco Customer Reviews

Here is what customer saying about Xsellco's repricer

Paula Carrol           "xSellco changed our business, not only increasing revenue more than 200%, but also giving us key data on how products are performing."
Transport Disel           "Before xSellco, I'd go in and price up popular skus manually every day, but is was impossible to monitor, so if competitors were low in stock we'd miss out on repricing up. Now we can do it automatically and our profits."
Philip D.           "The repricer is very flexible and works well. It was cheaper than the previous solution we used, and better. It helps us keep our pricing competitive."
Robin B.           "What I like most about this software is that you "set it and forget it" as a small business we dont have time to manually update pricing all over all platforms of the internet, this allows us to be competitive, and we have even seen how this tool has also helped us make more money on items we were pricing to low."

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Bqool vs Xsellco Repricer Comparison

Here is how the basic plans from Bqool and Xsellco compare side by side.

Basic package BQOOL XSELLCO
Monthly Pricing $25 $99
SKUs 5,000 2,500
Repricing Scheduler    
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