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Virtuous Graphics Review: Amazon Product Photography Experience

The quality of Amazon product photography is often what separates high-volume Amazon sellers from the majority of average sellers.

Above all, your goal as an Amazon seller is to convince shoppers to click on your listing over your competitors.

So, how do you best accomplish this?

Before we find the solution, let's first understand what the problem is.

One of the main problems with selling on Amazon is customers almost never buy products without seeing it and or touching it first.

As a result, Amazon product photography and videos are key to successfully converting shoppers into sales. 

In order to help Amazon sellers, Virtuous Graphics has made it their mission to help sellers achieve more conversions and higher sales by providing them high-quality images, videos, graphic design and copywriting.

This review of our experience with Virtuous Graphics will highlight what they have to offer Amazon FBA sellers and our experience in dealing with them.

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About Virtuous Graphics

So, what is Virtuous Graphics?

Virtuous Graphics is a photography, graphic design, video, and copywriting service provider, with a focus on Amazon conversion optimization. Optimizing for conversion on Amazon is key to more sales.

At Virtuous Graphics, they understand the importance and need for high converting product visuals, especially as Amazon continuously gets more competitive.

They offer the following services to help Amazon sellers get an edge on their competition and achieve higher conversions and sales.

Virtuous Graphics services



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Amazon Product Photography

When it comes to product photography, the team of professional photographers at Virtuous Graphics is well versed in Amazon’s terms of service and Product Image Requirements. This means they understand what you need for Amazon and will create it with that in mind.

Virtuous Graphics can provide three types of images that Amazon recommends:

  • Hero image
  • Lifestyle image
  • Infographics

Hero Image

Firstly, there is the all-important hero image. A hero image is a simple high-quality photograph of your product, shot on a plain white background as per Amazon guidelines.

virtuous graphics Amazon hero image


In order to create hero images, Virtuous Graphics uses professional photography equipment with a focus on amplifying the unique benefits and selling points of your product.

Not only do they specialize in Amazon’s rules and regulations, but they also understand the end-goal of your product photos, which is to stand out and convert to sales. 

Lifestyle Images

Second, there is the Lifestyle Image. Lifestyle image is used for showcasing your products in use for the intended action. The example below shows the gloves in use as intended.

Amazon lifestyle photos services


Keep in mind, your customers can only visualize your products. Therefore, your aim should be to compensate for this void by creating lifestyle images that speak to your target customers so they take action.

For example, Virtuous Graphics choose product models that mirror your ideal customer for your lifestyle images.

As a result, this removes the guesswork from your customer; through lifestyle images, making it easier for Amazon shoppers to see how the product would fit into their homes, offices and overall lifestyle.


Infographics help Amazon shoppers to understand the information in a visually digestible format.

Amazon infographic service


For example, with infographics, You can easily explain complicated assembly, installation, or key benefits worth highlighting by using infographics. 

Furthermore, at Virtuous Graphics, their team of professionals has the capacity to create quality infographics for your FBA products.

Virtuous Graphics Product Photography Pricing

Virtuous Graphics offers three product photography packages; Let’s Just Get The BasicsLet’s Maker More Sales, and Let’s Crush The Competition. Here are the cost of each product photography price.

Get The Basics Make More Sales Crush the Competition
$355 $600 $955

Pricing for Amazon product photography



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Copywriting & Listing Optimization Service

Virtuous Graphics employs a team of Amazon trained copywriters that will create effective call actions highlighting your product differentiators and key benefits.

They also provide you professional copywriting for free with their top tier photography package. With Virtuous Graphics, you also have the option to provide your own copywriting to be placed in infographics and listing.

Here are the copywriting services Virtuous Graphics offers:

  • Title, bullet point, and description Optimization
  • Email sequence to encourage positive reviews
  • Amazon TOS trained copywriters
  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis

Virtuous Graphics Copywriting & Email Sequence Pricing

Below are the prices for the listing optimization package and the email follow-up sequence package.

Amazon copywritting pricing photo:

Amazon Graphic Design Service

Virtuous Graphics graphic design package offers Amazon sellers access to:

  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Product Inserts
  • Logo Design
  • product packaging

Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon sellers who have Brand Registry, have the ability to create dynamic Amazon product descriptions called Enhanced Brand Content.

Amazon enhanced brand content service


Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to stand out from the competition while showcasing additional benefits of your product and telling your brand’s unique story.

Amazon Product Inserts

Virtuous Graphics uses both graphic design and copywriting to engage your customers.

Product inserts are cleverly designed inserts that are placed inside of your product packaging to help stimulate reviews, cross-sell other similar products or reduce negative feedback from customers.

Amazon product inserts


They offer three different types of Amazon product inserts.

  • Review Focused Insert: Review focused inserts are designed to encourage buyers to leave a review on Amazon if they are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Cross Sale Insert: The cross-sale insert is used to help sell products that are complementary or related to the product that has already been purchased by the customer.
  • Explanatory Insert: For products that are complex or susceptible to negative reviews due to inappropriate use, sellers can place explanatory inserts inside of their packaging to reduce customer frustration and negative feedback.

Amazon Private Label Brand Logos

product logo service


Brand logos are a great potential conversion tool.

Virtuous Graphics can design and create amazing logos for any product category. This means Logos are important for creating a visual identity for your brand.

Virtuous Graphics knows what works for Amazon and can help you elevate your products and brand.

Amazon Product Packaging

Amazon product packaging service


Product Packaging creates a good “second impression”—that is, the impression your customers receive when they first hold your product in their hands.

For example, an attractive box sends the message that you, as the product developer, care enough to send your customers the very best.

This, in turn, will add value that will pay off in the long-run for your brand.

Amazon Graphic Design Pricing

Virtuous Graphics, with its Amazon graphic design package, provides the following services.

  • Infographics
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Product Inserts
  • Logo Design
  • Product Packaging

Here are the prices for the above-mentioned graphic design services.

Amazon Infographics Enhanced Brand Content Product Inserts Logo Design Product Packaging
$250 $420 $250 $145 $275

Amazon Product Videos

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 Adding videos to your Amazon listing can help separate you from your competitors and give you a competitive advantage within your market.

Virtuous Graphics offers three video packages for Amazon:

  • basic
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Basic Package

This package produces a 30-second video showcasing the vital benefits and information about your product.

The videos are shot with customer engagement in mind which also work perfectly on social media

Intermediate Package

Their intermediate package produces a 60-second video perfect for Amazon listings.

Virtuous Graphics understands the importance of real estate on Amazon and they shoot the videos in full-frame HD for the best results. You can also use a model that represents your ideal customer to showcase your product in a lifestyle slant.

Advanced Package

The advanced package is a 90-second mini-movie showcasing your product as the star. 

They use multiple cameramen, professional voice overs, actors, unique locations, expert graphic animation, advanced storyboarding and scripting to create a dynamic and engaging product commercial.

This option is perfect for anyone looking to produce professional-quality videos for any e-commerce product.

Amazon Product Video Pricing

Here are the price for each of the 3 product video packages.

Basic Intermediate Advanced/th>
$900 $1800 $3000


Virtuous Graphics Customer Reviews

Here is what other Virtuous Graphics customers are saying

          "The logo is fantastic. They took my ideas, gave me options that were all great. I asked for a modification they were done right away. They also packaged the logo in all its various forms and formats. I will absolutely use them again."
          "The job is done absolutely AMAZING! I really like every product picture idea and the quality with which they were made. Thankful to the Virtuous Graphics team for this project, can't wait to collaborate again!"
          "I could not be happier with the results of my pictures! As a first time Amazon seller in a moderately competitive nitch I really needed to have top notch photos. Virtuous Graphics delivered! Beautiful photos and very responsive and stellar customer service. I'll definitely be using them for all my future products!"
          "I got a one stop shop for box design, product logo and listing pictures! Great quality and customer service. I used it for several products already and would highly recommend."

The general sentiment from customers across different platforms seems positive for Virtuous Graphics.

Let's take a look at our experience with Virtuous Graphics.

My Virtuous Graphics Experience

I have tried a couple of Amazon Photography services and was generally satisfied. But I have been looking for one that specializes specifically on Amazon FBA.

A company that knows all of the photo's guidelines and how to create effective infographics that will increase my conversion rate.

I met the team from Virtuous Graphics at Global Sources Summit and was impressed by their presentation about infographics and video for amazon listings.

I decided to give them a try.

Brock Johnson Amazon Virtuous Graphics

I purchased the “Let’s Make More Sales” product photography package to test them out.

Here is how the ordering process works

Once you place an order you’ll get an email confirmation. Also within that same email, you will be asked to answer about 5 questions regarding your product.

virtuous graphics ordering process

Virtuous Graphics will continuously communicate with you to ensure they provide the best possible outcome.

Make sure to specify all the important details you need for your images.

Here are our Amazon Product Images from Virtuous Graphics

Below is the end result of the amazon product images Virtuous Graphics made for us.

As you can see, its quality work. I was very happy with the quality and affordability of their service.



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Virtuous Graphics Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of our experience with Virtuous Graphics.


  • Best Prices: Virtuous Graphics has one of the lowest prices on the market.
  • Quality: They provide quality product images and visual content tailored for Amazon.
  • Talent: They are known to employ very talented graphic designers.
  • Models: They provide models for lifestyle product images.


  • Turn around Time: Receiving the photos took a bit longer than expected.
  • Communication: They are in a different time zone.
  • Location: They are located in Manila, Philippines.

Would I suggest Virtuous Graphics?

I highly recommend Virtuous Graphics for all Amazon FBA sellers looking to increase conversions and sales.

Furthermore, not only do they produce quality work but I was also very satisfied with their overall service. They create high-quality photos tailored specifically to Amazon FBA.

Virtuous Graphics also creates exceptional Amazon-specific infographics and videos that help increase conversions.

Because Virtuous Graphics is located in the Phillipheans, it's important to keep in mind the logistical and time zone issues that could arise with that.

For Amazon beginners is important to plan ahead of time and take action now, don't wait until your products get to Amazon.

If you are looking for product photos with a rushed deadline or prefer a service provider located in the U.S. try Viral Launch Photography.

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If you're not pushing a deadline, Virtuous Graphics is your one-stop-shop for all your Amazon visual content at affordable prices.

Exclusive Virtuous Graphics Coupon Offer

I've negotiated a special pricing offer with Virtuous Graphics that will save you over $300 when you purchase the All In One Package.

You will also get 1 free infographic and a free listing audit as a bonus.

Save $300 With Virtuous Graphics save you over $300 when you purchase the All In One Package for your business
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Standard Price The Last Amazon Course Price
$1,725 $1,450

The All In One Package from Virtuous Graphics contains everything you need to optimize and boost your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Here is what you get with the All In One Package:

Virtuous Graphic Service Individual Pricing
Mid Tier Photo Package $600
Copywritting and Listing Optimization $295
Custom Product Inserts $250
Product Inserts Copywriting Add On $80
Custom Product Packaging $275
Product Packaging Copywritting $80
Custom Logo Design $145


  • 1 Free Infographic
  • Free Listing Audit: VG will hop on the phone with the client and identify any areas for improvement for the listing
Save $300 With Virtuous Graphics save you over $300 when you purchase the All In One Package for your business
Save $300 Expiry:  
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