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Sellics Amazon FBA Review - Pricing & Alternatives

Sellics is one of the top Amazon all-in-one solutions for Amazon FBA sellers of all levels. Their software offers a variety of different features designed to help sellers take their business to the next level.

Let’s look at what their software has to offer and if it is the best solution for your Amazon business.

Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon software solution for FBA sellers looking to successfully sell on Amazon. Their software combines everything from inventory management to PPC and reviews all in one dashboard.

The integrated design of the software is intended to help Amazon sellers manage and grow their Amazon business profitability. With one subscription, sellers can get access to over 5 features that work together to help them take their FBA business to the next level.

Let’s examine the benefits of Sellics’ integrated Amazon tool and how you can leverage it to maximize your sales on Amazon FBA.

Sellics Software Features

Profit Dashboard

The Sellics profit dashboard allows sellers to track their Amazon profit in real-time with fully automated calculations. This means you can view your sales, costs, and track profits for all your products with a simple and detailed dashboard.

With just one easy click you can connect your Seller Central account to your Sellics Profit Dashboard and easily track your exact profit margins. Sellics automatically deducts all your cost including Amazon fees, PPC spends, promo and item cost so you true profit data is always accurate.

The Profit Dashboard instantly visualized the profitability of each SKU with a break down of each cost metric so you can always know what drives your profit.

PPC Manager

Sellics PPC Manager is designed to help Amazon sellers save time by automating PPC campaigns while maximizing their Amazon PPC revenue. This, in turn, will allow sellers to focus on campaign profitability and getting the most out of every advertising dollar spend.

The PPC Manager by Sellics is an all-in-one PPC software for campaign management and automation for sellers of all levels.

Sellers can let the PPC Software do all the heavy lifting while focusing on growing their ROI and drastically reducing work hours spent on Amazon ads management.

From automated keyword discovery & migration to automated bidding, Sellics has one of the most powerful PPC automation software on the market.

Amazon Ranking Optimizer

The ranking optimizer feature helps boost your keyword rankings on Amazon. As you know, the key to long-term success on Amazon is to organically rank for the most profitable keywords.

Keep in mind, 90% of customers on Amazon will make their purchase on pages 1-3 with a bulk of those sales happening on the first page.

With over 180 million Amazon keywords in the Sonar database, sellers can extract and use the exact keywords customers are searching for to find their products.

This feature makes it easy to research Amazon keywords, optimize product listings and track keyword rankings over time. Amazon sellers can leverage this tool from Sellics and boost organic sales with more traffic and conversions.

Inventory Management

Never run out of inventory with the Sellics inventory management feature. As an Amazon seller, staying in stock means you continue to get sales and ensures you keep your ranking.

With Sellics, you know exactly when you’ll run out of stock based on your recent sales velocity.

Knowing exactly when to place a new order can give you the competitive advantage you need to consistently out-sell and out-rank your competition on Amazon. This feature is designed to easily keep an overview of your 90day reorder pipeline so you can take action accordingly.

Review Management

Reviews are the currency of Amazon and extremely critical for success. With the review management feature, you can get instant notifications about every new product review so you can react to negative feedback and reduce the damage.

With Sellics, you no longer have to check for new reviews manually which saves you a lot of time. Easily set up and automate this process so you can react to negative reviews and leverage the positive ones to optimize your listings.

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Sellics Pricing

With the Seller Edition plan, you get access to:

  • All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Unlimited products
  • Free Mobile App
  • All Sellics Features

The pricing options are revenue based on your approximate annual sales. The monthly pricing options are on a pay as you go basis. Independent of the plan duration (1, 6 or 12 months), the full payment is always upfront.

Annual Revenue Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57/mo -- --
$1k - $60k $67/mo $57/mo $47/mo
$60k - $240k $97/mo $87/mo $77/mo
$240k - $600k $157/mo $137/mo $177/mo
$600k - $1.2 million $217/mo $187/mo $157/mo
$1.2 million+ $317/mo $287/mo $257/mo

Sellics Customer Reviews

          "Sellics is the best and maybe the only service that enables comprehensive automated management of a large number of Amazon campaigns. And, Sellics continues to improve their product."
          "An essential tool if you are serious about growing your Amazon business. Excellent features, easy to use, and great customer service and tutorials. It has made a huge difference to my daily schedule and significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on optimizing ads and listings. I would thoroughly recommend it."
          "Sellics is awesome. I can keep track of my earnings The interface is very intuitive and the set of tools are the most important you need to grow the business and increase profits. I really like how I can see if I’m making a profit or not. Many Amazon sellers lose money because they spend too much on advertising and thanks to Sellics I am not one of them anymore."
          "Incredibly useful data that provides more actionable insights than we have time to utilize! The algorithmic PPC management has freed up time, enabling us to cover more ground than ever before. Wouldn't be without it!"

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Sellics Alternatives

Three of the alternatives for Sellics are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Viral Launch. Here is how the all-in-one Sellics software compares to each competitor.

Sellics vs Helium 10

Here is how Sellics pricing options compare to Helium 10’s pricing.

Here are pricing and plans Helium 10 has to offer Amazon FBA sellers.

Free Plan Platinum Plan Diamond Plan Elite Plan
$0 $97/month $197/month $397/month

If you are looking to use Helium 10 tools on an individual basis, the ‘a la carte plan’ is the perfect option for you. This plan allows you to pay for only the tools you want.

Here is a price break down of the a la carte plan:

Helium 10 Tool Monthly Price
Black Box $37
Magnet $37
Cerebro $37
Index Checker $17
Keyword Tracker $57
Alerts $37
Refund Genie $97
Xray $97

Sellics vs Jungle Scout

Here is how Sellics pricing options compare to Jungle Scout pricing.

Jungle Scout offers monthly or yearly pricing options for Amazon sellers.

Here are the prices for the monthly subscription options. Jungle scout is $49 per month, Jungle Scout & Extension is $69 per month, and Jungle Scout chrome extension is $39 per month.

Jungle Scout Plans Monthly Pricing
Jungle Scout $49
Jungle Scout + Extension $69
Chrome Extension $39

Sellics vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch software pricing comes with two options, monthly or annual. There are 4 different pricing plans available for Amazon  FBA sellers.

Viral Launch Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Beginner $59 $49
Pro $99 $83
Brand Builder $149 $124
Kinetic $249 $166

Check out this in-depth review of Viral Launch, Jungle Scout and Helium 10 to see how they each compare to the Sellics Software

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