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Feedbackwhiz Amazon Review & 50% Off Coupon

Feedback is critical to your Amazon FBA success. As you know, reviews are king on Amazon. 

 In fact, up to 82% of U.S. adults check product reviews before they make a purchase.

Not only do customers make these buying decisions based on the quality of your product reviews, but the Amazon algorithm also heavily weighs the number of your reviews you get.

This is in part how Amazon determines where your product should rank.

The problem for Amazon sellers is getting product reviews is easier said than done.

The average review rate for Amazon sellers is only 1% - 2%. This means you can only expect to get 1-2 reviews for every 100 units you sell.

Successful Amazon sellers understand the importance of product reviews, which is exactly why they use tools like Feedbackwhiz to get more reviews and dominate their competition.

Feedbackwhiz Coupon

50% Off Your First Month Get a 30-Day Free Trial + 50% Off your first month!
Get 50% OFF Expire:  03, 2020

What can Feedbackwhiz do?

Feedbackwhiz is an Amazon feedback service that helps Amazon FBA sellers repair negative feedback, improve product reviews, automate email follow-up sequences, and boost their FBA business.

Their suite of tools can help sellers get more Amazon customers to leave positive product reviews and seller feedback. Feedbackwhiz is also all-inclusive with features ranging from integrated order management to monitoring and notification features.

Check out my interview with Amazon 7-figure seller and Feedbackwhiz Founder Henson Wu.

We walk through their software and discuss the different techniques you can use to double your review rate on Amazon FBA.

Feedbackwhiz Software Features

Using Feedbackwhiz can eliminate the need for buying multiple software apps. This means you can access all the Amazon feedback features you need all on one platform

Key Feedbackwhiz Features


Order Management

All your orders, customer data, and order metrics can be synced and fully integrated on one platform screen. This could save you time and keep you focused on selling products.


Product Reviews

You can organize, view, and group all your product reviews on a single screen. Analyze, manage, and get instant notifications when negative reviews are posted.



Create customized emails and campaigns to maximum positive feedback. Easily address unsatisfied customers and maintain a great reputation with minimal effort.


Email Automation

You can build powerful email sequences tailored to individual products and buyer behaviors. Create effective custom templates using emojis, animated gifs, file attachments, and custom HTML.



A/B test campaigns, open rates, as well as access and download customer data to create custom audiences or lookalike campaigns on Facebook to retarget your customers.

Feedbackwhiz User Interface

Check out how easy and intuitive the Feedbackwhiz user interface is to use. Their interface is designed for Amazon sellers of all levels.


Feedbackwhiz Metrics & Analytics

With easy functionality and analytics, you can quickly monitor all your important statistics and alerts, to increase your seller metrics and improve your Amazon FBA brand reputation.


Feedbackwhiz Product Monitoring Plan

The Feedbackwhiz Product monitoring add-on plan allows you to:

  •  View and analyze product reviews for any of your ASINs
  • Receive email notifications when you receive a negative or positive product review
  •  Monitor and receive alerts when there are changes to your listing title updates, buy-box loss, or hijackers

Ultimately Feedbackwhiz aims to unify all the tools you need to run your business, automates repetitive tasks, and saves you hours so you can concentrate on making money and expanding your Amazon business.

Learn More: Increase Conversions Overnight With Amazon FBA Info-graphics

Pricing For Feedbackwhiz

Feedbackwhiz offers five different monthly pricing plans: Free ($0.00), Starter ($19.99), Basic ($39.99), Professional ($79.99), and Ultimate ($139.99). You can also sign up for the annual plan and get an additional 20% off the monthly fees.

Feedbackwhiz Plans Free Starter Basic Professional Ultimate
Monthly Pricing $0.00 $19.99 $39.99 $79.99 $139.99
Monthly Emails 150 2,000 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Campaigns 150 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Orders & Feedback          
Analytics and Stats          
Download Reports          
Marketplaces 1 included 1 included 1 included 1 included unlimited
Support Limited Basic Basic Expedited Account Manager

Feedbackwhiz Product monitoring pricing plans

Child ASINs Monitored Add-on Cost
5 ASINs $5 /mo
10 ASINs $10 /mo
25 ASINs $13 /mo
50 ASINs $17 /mo
100 ASINs $20 /mo
250 ASINs $25 /mo
500 ASINs $50 /mo
1,500 ASINs $87 /mo
5,000 ASINs $200 /mo

Start a free trial of Feedbackwhiz today, with full access to all the features for 30 days and no credit card required.

Feedbackwhiz Promo Code

Here is a coupon code from Feedbackwhiz with a special offer for Amazon FBA sellers.

Take advantage of this promo code and get Feedbackwhiz Free for 30 Days plus 50% OFF Your First Month! You can also sign up for the annual plan and get an additional 20% off the monthly fees.

30-Day Free Trial + 50% Off Your First Month Get a 30-Day Free Trial + 50% Off your first month!
Get Deal Expire:  03, 2020

Feedbackwhiz Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some real Feedbackwhiz reviews and customer experiences, which we've compiled from across different platforms.




Feedback Reviews

Izzy Benoliel           "Feebackwhiz A/B testing tool is simple to use and can easiy double your prouct reviews on Amazon. We are able to split up our campaigns subject lines up to 5 segments, we get open rates from 60-65% and enven 70%."
Tom Wang           "I'm a huge fan of Fedback whiz. I've struggled with finding the right mail sequence software before as I feel like a lot of them are limited with their functionality. However, with Feedbackwhiz, you can almost customize everything! Price is fair, functions are amazing, great support team as well. I would highly recommend them!"
Liliana C.           "I switched this week from Jumpsend to Feedbackwhiz and I love the platform. It has such comprehensive insights and great features; the dashboard is great, easy to use and covers all my needs as a seller."
Gary Yang           "The thing I like most about Feedbackwhiz is that it is FREE to try and start at a reasonable rate thereafter. The interface is intuitive to use and auto email campaigns are extremely easy to set up."

Feedbackwhiz vs Alternatives

Here are some great alternative Amazon feedback service and software options for your Amazon FBA business.


xSellco Feedback vs Feedbackwhiz


Try xSellco Use xSellco to optimize your listing and get more traffic today!
Try xSellco Expire:  December 03, 2020

Feedback Five vs Feedbackwhiz

Try Feedback Five Use Feedback Five to optimize your listing and get more traffic today!
Try Feedback Five Expire:  December 03, 2020

Aweber vs Feedbackwhiz

Try Aweber Split Testing Use Splitly to optimize your listing and get more traffic today!
Try Aweber Expire:  December 03, 2020

How to NOT Get Banned Using E-Mail Sequences On Amazon

In this video, we cover Amazon's review policy with email sequences and how you can avoid getting banned.

Feedbackwhiz Customer Support

If you have any questions about Feedbackwhiz, their Support portal is a great resource for quickly finding answers about their software.

You can also look-up answers using the search bar or scroll through the FAQs by category to find the answer you are looking for.

Feedbackwhiz Customer Support




Feedbackwhiz FAQ's

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Feedbackwhiz and their service.


Which Marketplaces Are Supported?

US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, and India are all supported – and the number of marketplaces you can access isn’t limited to your pricing package.


Are There Contracts?

No – you can cancel at any time.


Which Operating Systems and Devices Are Supported?

All major browsers are supported including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and of course any smartphone, tablet or similar device with a browser works fine too.


How Far Does the Data go Back?

Feedbackwhiz displays data and orders from the past year (365 days).


I'm selling on multiple marketplaces, do I need multiple logins?

There is only one login. To toggle between marketplaces just click the marketplace flag on the top menu bar and it will instantly switch you to see your other marketplace data.

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