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Top 5 Amazon Product Research Tools in 2020

Without the right Amazon product research software, success on Amazon will always be an uphill battle for sellers.

The top Amazon FBA sellers understand how critical the data from product research can be for consistently profiting as an Amazon seller.

Here are the 5 best product research software for Amazon FBA in 2020.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is one of the best all-around product research software on the market. Their software suite is designed to help sellers find the best-performing products which consistently get sales.

Finding the most profitable products on Amazon can be difficult and time-consuming. The best sellers leverage powerful research tools like Viral Launch, to make smart sourcing decisions for Amazon FBA.

Viral Launch Software Benefits

  • Find Untapped Products Full of Potential: Viral Launch’s product finder connects you with profitable products, opportunistic keywords, successful brands, and high-performing categories.
  • Research Markets with Accuracy: Viral Launch’s FBA product research tools equip you with accurate sales estimates, market trends, levels of competition, and more.
  • Track Top Sellers: Viral Launch gives you a behind-the-scenes look at an ASIN’s SEO and advertising strategy, plus email notifications.

Check out this overview video covering Viral Launch Product Discovery and other features.


Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch software pricing comes with two options, monthly or annual. There are four different pricing plans available for sellers.

Viral Launch Plans Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Beginner $59 $49
Pro $99 $83
Brand Builder $149 $124
Kinetic $249 $166

Viral Launch Coupon Code

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Helium 10

Helium 10 has one of the most powerful Amazon product research software on the market in 2020. Their all-inclusive suite of tools can help sellers gain a competitive advantage in any market on Amazon.

With Helium 10 you get access to over 450 million products in its product database, which is second only to Amazon.

Helium 10 Software Benefits

  • Black Box Product Search: Access a massive database of over 450 million products in seconds with advanced filters to find a winning product or niche.
  • Xray Chrome Extension: Open up Xray on an Amazon search results page or product page, to validate potential product opportunities that you’re considering sourcing.
  • Reverse ASIN Search: Compare multiple ASINS to reveal must-have data points such as estimated keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume.

Check out this detailed overview of Helium 10 and the tools their software has to offer.


Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has four pricing options available, the free plan, platinum plan, diamond plan, and elite plan.

Free Plan Platinum Plan Diamond Plan Elite Plan
$0 $97/month $197/month $397/month

Helium 10 A La Carte Plan

If you are looking to use Helium 10 tools on an individual basis, the ‘a la carte plan’ is the perfect option for you. This plan allows you to pay for only the tools you want.

Here is a price break down of the a la carte plan:

Helium 10 Tool Monthly Price
Black Box $37
Magnet $37
Cerebro $37
Index Checker $17
Keyword Tracker $57
Alerts $37
Refund Genie $97
Xray $97

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Sellics Amazon product research software can help sellers find the most profitable products with just a few clicks. Their tool is designed to help generate product ideas and the most profitable niches on Amazon.

Using reliable data from Sellics could allow Amazon FBA sellers to avoid investing in slow-selling products that tie up capital.

Sellics Software Features

  • Product detector: Get access to the Sellics product database that includes the top 10.000 Amazon best-sellers of each product category. Use filters like estimated sales, sales rank, weight, number of reviews and a lot more to quickly find thousands of profitable products matching your winning criteria.
  • Niche Analyzer: Niche analyzer will tell you how much sales are generated in a niche and how difficult it will be for you to achieve a top ranking with the most important keywords.
  • Spy: Don’t rely on estimates when you invest thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money. Track the actual sales volume of your target product with our product spy. Avoid investing in shelf warmer and getting stuck with expensive unsold inventory.

Sellics Pricing

All Sellics plans include all the features that come with their Seller Editon package.

The pricing options are revenue based on your approximate annual sales. The monthly pricing options are on a pay as you go basis. Independent of the plan duration (1, 6 or 12 months), the full payment is always upfront.

Annual Revenue Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57/mo -- --
$1k - $60k $67/mo $57/mo $47/mo
$60k - $240k $97/mo $87/mo $77/mo
$240k - $600k $157/mo $137/mo $177/mo
$600k - $1.2 million $217/mo $187/mo $157/mo
$1.2 million+ $317/mo $287/mo $257/mo

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Jungle Scout

Whether you are just starting your Amazon journey or a seasoned seller, Jungle Scout can help you find profitable product opportunities faster than your competitors.

Watch this detailed walkthrough of Jungle Scout and the Amazon research tools they have to offer.

Jungle Scout Software Benefits

  • Find winning products: Easily search for any product by keyword, categories or custom filters with Product Database. Save time with your research by drilling down to find products with high demand.
  • Product Tracker: Whether you’re spying on competition or creating a selling strategy, the Product Tracker helps you find daily sales, inventory data, and revenue for any Amazon product.
  • Optimize your listings: Use keywords or ASINs to discover what Amazon customers are searching for with Keyword Scout. With our insightful keyword data, you can increase traffic to your product listings, improve PPC campaigns, and grow your business.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers  monthly or  yearly pricing options for Amazon sellers.

Here are the prices for the monthly subscription options. Jungle scout is  $49 per month, Jungle Scout & Extension is  $69 per month, and Jungle Scout chrome extension is $ 39 per month.

Jungle Scout Plans Monthly Pricing
Jungle Scout $49
Jungle Scout + Extension $69
Chrome Extension $39

Jungle Scout Coupon Code

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AmazeOwl is an underrated Amazon product research software that can help sellers find and launch products. You can leverage their accurate data to launch a winning product on Amazon with confidence.

AmazeOwl helps over 4,000 Amazon sellers just like you find their first product and successfully sell on Amazon every month.

AmazeOwl Software Benefits

  • Search product ideas with ease: Search 600+ million items and 11 marketplaces to find the perfect product for you.
  • Validate and launch your winning product: Get the accurate data you need to understand your market, differentiate your product and launch with confidence.
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition: See daily changes your competitors make to their price, images, titles, and keywords to stay on top

AmzeOwl Pricing

AmazeOwl has three pricing options, the free plan, the growth plan, and the established plan.

Monthly Pricing Starter Growth Established
Price Free $19.99 $29.95
Tracked Nitches 1 niches 10 nitches 300 nitches
Keyword Monitoring 3 Keywords 10 Keywords 50 Keywords
Auto-updates 1000 nitches 1000 nitches 1000 nitches
Product Database N/A 50 products / month 200 products / month
Keyword Research Top 2 keywords Top 10 keywords Top 100 keywords

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