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5 Powerful Amazon PPC Management Software for FBA

Using a PPC management tool on Amazon can help you get higher sales, save more time, and money in your FBA business.

Having the right PPC tool means you can avoid wasting days with terrible PPC interfaces, creating reports in Microsoft Excel, and mismanaging your PPC campaigns.

PPC is not an aspect of your business you can afford to ignore, it can make or break your Amazon business in 2020.

Let’s examine some of the most powerful Amazon PPC software you can start using today. We’ll review the top 5 Amazon PPC management software on the market to see what they can offer you.

PPC Scope

PPC Scope can minimize the effort it requires to maximize your Amazon profits. Their software is designed to optimize your Amazon Sponsored Ads to take minutes instead of the usual hours.

PPC Scope allows you to pinpoint the best and worst-performing keywords for your products so that you efficiently spend every advertising dollar.

They provide you exact PPC strategies that are proven and utilized by industry experts. As part of your membership, you’ll get access to pre-recorded strategies to keep you ahead of your competition.

The PPC Scope dashboard shows you everything you need to know, from profit by campaign/ad group/keyword, to your best and worst-performing keywords.

In an instance, you can get a holistic overview of your campaign performance to see where your ads are making you money and more importantly, where you are losing money.

PPC Scope allows you to focus on scaling and growing your business while they take care of the behind the scenes.

Software Benefits

  • PPC Scope can show you zero sale search terms/keywords instantly and you can use the Change Manager to Negative Exact Match them directly from PPC Scope.
  • You can increase bids on keywords that have low impressions but a high click-through rate directly in PPC Scope and push changes to Amazon in seconds.
  • 8 steps you need to know to achieve profitable ads and go from 80%+ ACoS to 20% or less in just 4 weeks.
  • The best systems to effectively structure your campaigns for quick optimizations later which will save you a lot of time.

PPC Scope Pricing

Mini Small Medium Large
$19.99/Month $44.99/Month $64.99/Month $84.99.99/Month
1 Amz Marketplace 3 Amz Marketplace 7 Amz Marketplace 7 Amz Marketplace
3 SKUs 10 SKUs 100 SKUs 1,000 SKUs
500 Keywords 8,000 Keywords 12,000 Keywords 20,000 Keywords
Expert PPC Tips Expert PPC Tips Expert PPC Tips Expert PPC Tips
Email Support Team Email Support Team Email Support Team Email Support Team

PPC Scope Reviews

          “PPC Scope makes management so much easier. It definitely saves a lot of time. The team is also amazing too, and always there to answer questions. You will not regret this purchase.”
          “This is the best software out there for PPC as far as I can tell. The founder, Brian Johnson is an honest guy with integrity which in this game is saying a lot.”
          “PPC Scope helps me save a lot of serious time when I am doing campaign improvements and expansion. It also helps dig into campaigns and find problematic keywords. I highly recommend to anyone running sponsored products on Amazon. It will pay for itself in 1 use.”
          “PPC Scope is by far the best PPC management software that I have used. I have tried all of the competitors and have decided to use PPC Scope for managing all of our client’s accounts. The support has also been extremely helpful. Any time that we had questions they were answered quickly and implement new features quickly.”

PPC Scope Coupon

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Ad Badger PPC

Ad Badger is one of the most advanced Amazon PPC ecosystem in the market. Not only do you get their PPC software but they also provide you access to their high-level Amazon advertising forum with a community of serious Amazon advertisers.

As part of your plan, you will also get access to their Ad Badger Amazon Academy. Their course is designed to help you upgrade your PPC skills with over 5 hours of Amazon advertising training.

With Ad Badger’s software, you can bid smarter than your competition, easily add negative keywords, and quickly find new profitable keywords for your Amazon products.

Software Benefits

  • Account Navigator: You can quickly add new campaigns or keywords directly from inside Ad Badger’s software, just like you would in Amazon Seller Central but only faster. Their software also has other time-saving features such as jump-search and more.
  • Bids by Badger: They analyze millions of bid changes every single week. Their PPC bid optimization algorithm will apply new bids every single day based on trending data to help you hit your target ACoS.
  • Negative Keyword Nightly Hunt: You can set up a safeguard to protect your account from unprofitable ad spend in just 2 clicks. Their software will automatically scan your search terms to create new negatives based on your rules.
  • Positive Keyword Quick Attack: Quickly scan through your search terms and add new keywords or product targets in record time. With about 5 clicks, you can take a term and add it as an exact, phrase, broad, or product target to a new or old ad group of your choosing.

Ad Badger PPC Pricing

Ad Badger's pricing options are based on your monthly ad spend. Here are their options.

Your Ad Spend Billed Quarterly Monthly Pricing
$5,000 or Less $87 $107
$5,000 -$25,000 $143 $177
$25,000 or More $450 $497

Ad Badger PPC Reviews

          "This PPC automation software syncs data accurately from your SellerCentral and it doesn't have the 1-week data time lag that most other software has. AdBadger also knows how to do bid management much better than the other software I’ve tried and they are very results-driven. The other that I’ve tried didn't know much about driving sales or when to adjust a bid due to conversion rate changes or even having proper ad structure. For this reason, AdBadger is the best."
          "The automated management of my most important ppc campaigns. The ability to manage from their interface. The support is excellent and they've worked on implementing new features that I proposed."
          " I am a huge fan of the Ad Badge software because I purchased the software in July and have had remarkable success with it. In combination with the feedback from their customer support I really couldn’t be happier."
          "I was having difficulty getting a sale via PPC with 1,000% ACoS - yes you read it right! I followed the recommendations right away and I’m so happy with the results! I am really excited and happy with my decision to use Ad Badger."

Ad Badger PPC Coupon

Try Ad Badger With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Take Advantage of Ad Badger's PPC tool with a money-back guarantee.
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PPC Entourage

Thousands of Amazon sellers use PPC Entourage to outperform their competitors, increase daily sales, and dramatically improve margins.

Their software is designed to quickly identify areas that negatively impact the performance of your campaigns allowing you to optimize them, lowering ACos and increasing profits.

PPC Entourage helps you locate untapped search terms that Amazon customers are using right now to purchase products. The platform harvests these sales-generating search terms and turns them into keywords that are applied to your campaigns.

This expansion technique allows you to get in front of a larger audience and helps you rank for these newfound keywords organically, thus increasing both PPC sales and organic sales.

Software Benefits

  • Reporting and Education: You can easily view organic vs PPC comparisons, true ACoS and profits easily on the dashboard. You also get advanced reporting metrics along with weekly and monthly health reports.
  • Campaign Optimization: The software allows you to leverage advanced autopilot mode. You have the ability to schedule campaigns by the time of day with day-parting. Take advantage of automated daily bids and bulk campaign optimizations.
  • Campaign Expansion: You can access full campaign management in all one place and expand to test match types to find band new keywords. Get insight into advanced keyword performance and enhance product targeting.
  • Listing Improvements: use PPC Entourage to find the best backend search terms. You can track keywords and rankings along with access to use search term reports to improve listing keywords Track your listing change impacts on PPC with A/B split testing.

PPC Entourage Pricing

PPC Entourage pricing options are based on the number of SKU’s you have.

Subscription Package SKUs Managed Monthly Pricing
Successful Sellers 1-5 $47
Advanced Sellers 6-21 $97
Leveraged Sellers 22-51 $147
Strategic Sellers 52+ $247

PPC Entourage Reviews

          “PPC Entourage analyzes sponsored data in a super visual way. With a couple of clicks of a button, it will optimize everything for you. The bottom line is if you like making money, you need to get PPC Entourage.”
          “I have been using PPC Entourage about 7-8 months. I have been able to manage much better the amount of money spent on each campaign. With maximum 1-2 hours per week, you’re able to keep your campaign up to par. It’s been amazing using this tool, it’s just saved me so much time.”
          “PPC Entourage has made a big difference, especially in the European market. We’ve got 5 different markets and I don’t speak 5 different languages. PPC Entourage makes it so simple and easy to pull out words based on the numbers and stick them into campaigns.”
          “Being an Amazon service provider, It's our duty to provide the best results to our client. PPC Entourage helps us to do so. It is the best tool for Amazon PPC operations and for reducing overall ACoS.It also suggests some changes in current campaigns for improvisation. Adding negative keywords was not easy before PPC Entourage.”

PPC Entourage Coupon

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Sellics PPC

Sellics has a all in one Amazon PPC software to help you with your campaign management and automation.

Their software is designed to help you grow your PPC advertising ROI while drastically reducing the hours you spend on Amazon ads management.

You can stay on top of your sponsored product campaigns and track the performance of your ads for any given product and time frame. Their software tracks every change made to your PPC campaigns which enable you to access all your historical data that is not available in Seller Central.

You can use historical data to make smart decisions. Their aim is to help you learn from the past and know exactly which change leads to a boost in your PPC performance.

Software Benefits

  • Automate PPC Campaigns: You can use their software to save time and achieve higher returns on your ad spend with a focus on growing your profits.
  • Analyze campaign performance: Track your sponsored ads performance for any given period and see exactly which changes positively affected your campaign results.
  • Sponsored Brand Management: Manage sponsored brand campaigns directly with their PPC software. See your total sales and ad spend for your sponsored products along with your sponsored brands. This allows you to easily understand how much your spending on your Amazon PPC.
  • Automate Keyword Bidding: The software allows you to increase your ad spend efficiency and automate your keywords for bids. The automated bidding software will perform the routine bidding tasks for you, allowing you to focus on getting the most out of your Amazon PPC.

Sellics PPC Pricing

All Sellics plans include all the features that come with their Seller Editon package.

The pricing options are revenue based on your approximate annual sales. The monthly pricing options are on a pay as you go basis. Independent of the plan duration (1, 6 or 12 months), the full payment is always upfront.

Annual Revenue Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57/mo -- --
$1k - $60k $67/mo $57/mo $47/mo
$60k - $240k $97/mo $87/mo $77/mo
$240k - $600k $157/mo $137/mo $177/mo
$600k - $1.2 million $217/mo $187/mo $157/mo
$1.2 million+ $317/mo $287/mo $257/mo

Sellics PPC Reviews

          "Sellics is the best and maybe the only service that enables comprehensive automated management of a large number of Amazon campaigns. And, Sellics continues to improve their product."
          "An essential tool if you are serious about growing your Amazon business. Excellent features, easy to use, and great customer service and tutorials. It has made a huge difference to my daily schedule and significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on optimizing ads and listings. I would thoroughly recommend it."
          "Sellics is awesome. I can keep track of my earnings The interface is very intuitive and the set of tools are the most important you need to grow the business and increase profits. I really like how I can see if I’m making a profit or not. Many Amazon sellers lose money because they spend too much on advertising and thanks to Sellics I am not one of them anymore."
          "Incredibly useful data that provides more actionable insights than we have time to utilize! The algorithmic PPC management has freed up time, enabling us to cover more ground than ever before. Wouldn't be without it!"

Sellics PPC Coupon

Get 14-Day Free Trial! Take Advantage of this special offer with NO Credit Card required.
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Trendle Analytics PPC

With the Trendle Analytic’s Amazon PPC software, you can maximize your advertising revenue by automatically optimizing your campaigns. The Trendle Analytic tool is created by Amazon sellers and designed specifically for Amazon sellers.

It gives you the ability to use powerful rules and algorithms to automate your ads so you can focus on growing your business. 90% of Amazon sellers see an increase in sales and a lower ACoS as a result of their PPC software.

They provide you video tutorials on how you can improve your strategies and PPC skills to go along with their software. From basic to advanced features, you can watch step by step guides on how to utilize their powerful software so you get the most out of your PPC budget.

Software Benefits

  • Automated analysis to improve your ACoS based on your preferences
  • Easily make campaign changes: change bids, add negative keywords, pause campaigns, add keywords, etc
  • Enter your product costs to enable precise margin and ACoS objectives and effortlessly identify the key cost drivers
  • Visually understand where your investment is tied up

Trendle Analytics Pricing

Plan Features Starter Professional
Pricing $50/mo $100/mo
FBA Reimbursements 10% 10%
Keyword Ranking 100 keywords 1,000 keywords
PPC Reporting & Automation Up to $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend Over $2.5k Monthly Ad Spend
Automatic Emails    
Profit Analytics    
Inventory Forecasting    
Split Testing    


Newbie Special Offer
Get all the features of the Pro! Only for new Amazon sellers with less than 1000 Orders sold since creating Seller Central account

Trendle Analytics Reviews

          "Trendle Analytics is one of the best-renowned all-in-one Amazon tools that you could come across."
          "In addition to saving users hundreds of dollars by not having to use half a dozen different tools, Trendle makes life easier by having all major features under one roof."
          "Trendle is the all-in-one Amazon PPC management software that looks to help Amazon sellers grow their business in profitable ways."

Trendle Analytics Coupon

Get 14-Month Free Trial! Take Advantage of this special offer with NO Credit Card required.
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