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"This course is a NO BRAINER for anyone interested in starting out in e-commerce...

He explains the whole process and walks you step by step how it all goes. You will not be disappointed..."

Philip A. Valley Nov 7, 2019

"I know really successful Amazon sellers who go back and review this course..."

Honestly he could have charged thousands but he chose to give this course pretty much free in order to invest in things we need, as me and my wife are learning on the course.

I know really successful amazon sellers who go back and review this course often therefor I know this is a great place to be. Thanks for all the knowledge and passion!"

Samuel Mesfin Aug 13, 2019

"I've checked other courses like Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass, Amazing Selling Maching, Seller Tradecraft, Etc.

But all of them are WATERED DOWN and expensive compared to Brock's course!"

Alex Paglinawan Nov 5, 2019

All The Tools You Need
To Start A Business

The Amazon Machine Explained

  • The Business Model - A to Z Breakdown of the Amazon Business Model For Beginners
  • The Amazon Algorithm - Exactly How Amazon Ranks Products
  • The Human Algorithm - A person will buy your product. You need to understand people

100x Return Product Checklist

  • 70 Ways To Find Products - Find opportunities nobody else is thinking about.
  • 100x Return Criteria - Checklist I use to Choose Products (My Best return was 436x).
  • Product Failure Checklist - I learned from failure. Never Source A Failing Product Again

Manufacturing Highest Quality Products

  • Manufacturers - How to find the Best Manufacturers in the world to make your products.
  • Supplier Negotiation Template to get the best Price and Quality
  • Shipping - Ship Directly from your manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse.

Creating A Best-Seller Listing

  • Photos - Hollywood Photos for cheap taught by A Professional Photography Company
  • Amazon SEO - Write your Listing exactly the way Amazon wants to see it.
  • Reviews - Proven System To Get 5 Star Product Reviews and Prevent Negative Reviews

Ranking Your Product At The Top

  • Product Launch - How to go from zero sales to the top of Amazon
  • Amazon Advertising - How To Set Up and Run Profitable Amazon Ads - Free Money!
  • Ranking - Strategies to ensure your products stay at the top of search results

Law & Scaling From A Microsoft Lawyer**

  • Create A Business - How To Set Up Your Business From A Ex-Microsoft Lawyer
  • Taxes - Save Thousands of dollars on taxes Every Year (or Tens of Thousands!)
  • Outsourcing - A man from Utah only works 10 hours a week. He Teaches us how.

And so much more...

18,000+ Members

350+ Videos

45+ Hours

Ivan P.

The only amazon course you need.

The only amazon course you need. The amount of value inside this course is crazy. Either if you are a beginner or experienced seller you will learn a lot. With the information in this course, and all the free information already available online, you're good to go. So stop making excuses. You can build a great company if you are willing to put in the time and work, a lot. Thanks Brock!

Oct 4, 2019

With work, this will change your life.

Brock is truly inspiring! This is full of information from a successful person, he talks about his mistakes and is very relatable! if you are unsure just do it, with work this will change your life.




Aug 19, 2019
Rick Singh

Education that’s worth thousands!

Education that’s worth thousands only for a $1. It’s a complete learning experience and builds your foundation rather than providing a few hacks that only work for a limited time.

Oct 29, 2019
Chris Florence

Amazon Suspended My Account?!

Dude, just finished your suspension in the "Defense & Maintenance" section and that info is gold. Wish I found you 2 years ago because no one talks about this stuff. Thanks.

Aug 15, 2019
Lizzie Jane Paterson

Great resource for every step of the way.

Content heavy videos. Succinct and relevant and applicable information. Great resource for every step of the way. You won't need any other courses. Brock presents well, he's super switched on, good sense of humor and sincere.


Aug 15, 2019
Stefani Claudia Sannmann

Trust in humanity restored

Your course is amazing and maybe there is no words that can in fact express how i feel about being able to access information in such an authentic, friendly, kind, funny : ) and zero bs way . Trust in humanity is restored through people like you . You are changing peoples lifes . And i dont mean it in a sugar coated way.

5 days ago

Who Is Brock?

I'm Brock.
I'm 27 years old. I like Alpacas.

I Started Selling On The Internet at 12 Years Old. But that doesn't mean I was successful. I tried it all and learned a lot along the way.

Ebay. Shopify. Etsy. Facebook ads. Software. Electronics Repair. Flipping. Wholesale. Consulting....

In 2014 I started selling on Amazon and it finally worked. I haven't looked back since. I have sold over 5,000 different products to over 1M customers as a seller on Amazon.

My name to fame is that I built a brand and sold 6 Million Dollars on Amazon in 6 months with a starting budget of $7,500.

But it didn’t feel right

Originally I was going to charge $1000 to $5,000 for this course.

It made sense on paper, I made Millions of Dollars from the E-commerce strategies I've developed and used over the years.

And I personally have paid much more to learn from the world's best experts and it was worth every penny.

And I spent 1.5 years making this course and have 11 world experts helping as well...

But it didn't feel right...

When starting out, you don't have that kind of money & I didn't want to help those that are already successful as much as those who are just getting started, just like I was years ago.

Money Doesn’t Drive

After making Millions of Dollars I understand more than ever, that money doesn't drive happiness.

As a result, I just want to help as many people as possible to improve their lives & work on projects that bring real value to the world.

Does The Price

Make Sense Now?

Learn From 12 Industry Experts

Manny Coats

CEO Helium 10

Expert Listing Optimizer

Taylor Benterud

Founder AMS PPC Accelerator

Expert For AMS Ads

Paul Rafelson

Lawyer & Amazon Seller

Amazon Law Expert

Larry Lubarsky

AKA WatchMeAmazon

Wholesale Expert

Paul Hersko

CEO PGH Industries

Sourcing Expert

Michael Gallarado

Sales Manager Flexport

Sea Shipping Expert

Henson Wu

AKA WatchMeAmazon

Wholesale Expert

Emmanuel Eleyae

Former Logistics Director

of Amazon

Casey Gauss

CEO Viral Launch

Product Launch Expert

Bradley Sutton

Success Manager Helium 10

Product Launch Specialist

Sean Smith

CEO AMS PPC Accelerator Expert

For PPC Optimization

John Jonas

CEO Onlinejobs.ph

Outsourcing Expert

Everything You Get When Joining Today

G E T   I N S T A N T   A C C E S S   T O

The Last
Amazon Course 3.0

  • 375 Videos
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Frameworks
  • Templates
  • Checklist
  • Frequent Updates
  • Exclusive Livestreams**
  • Facebook Group** *

* Coming Soon         ** Access only for Lifetime Members

* Coming Soon

** Access only for Lifetime Members


What is your trick?

No Trick. There is no shortcut to success in life.

This course has literally everything you need to go from knowing nothing about Amazon to selling successfully and scaling it to 7 and 8 figures. I've done it, the other instructors have and many of my friends and current students are selling successfully.

I guess the only trick is that the information and strategies are worthless if you don't do anything with it.

I want everyone to have access to the best information and experts in the world, to live in a positive critically thinking world.

This seems too good to be true!

Sign up and if you decide you don't like the content, you can cancel any time. So your risk is as low as $1.

If you think it is not even worth the $1 and you send me an e-mail explaining what I can improve I will also gladly refund you.

Do I need to watch all 350+ videos?

No! To get started it is enough to watch the beginner course which will take you around 3h to complete.

The main course is very detailed and provides lots of strategies & techniques. You probably won't need all of them, however, if you ever want to learn more or face a challenge you can always come back!

Why is this course better than others?

I put my time l his effort into the product instead of the marketing. As a result, I spend 1.5 years creating the content not focusing on marketing at all. If the product is amazing, the demand will follow. 

What qualifies you to teach this course?

I have been selling on the internet since I was 12 years old, on Amazon since 2014 and have sold over 1,000,000 units across 5,000 different products on Amazon.

I share strategies that have proved to work for me over the years.

Also it's not just me teaching... I believe's in providing several opinions on a topic so that people think for themselves.

The course has 11 industry experts with many 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers giving their input on the course. and more are being added as time goes on.

18,000+ Members

350+ Videos

45+ Hours

The Pricing Plan

$ 10 / year Billed Yearly
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
  • Frequent Updates
Credit Card or Paypal
$ 18 $2,997 One Time Payment
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
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Exclusive Access To:

  • Livestreams with Brock
  • Facebook Group (SOON)
Credit Card or Paypal
$ 1 / month Billed Quarterly
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
  • Frequent Updates
Credit Card or Paypal

The Pricing Plan

$ 18 $2,997 One Time Payment
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
  • Frequent Updates

Exclusive Access To:

  • Livestreams with Brock
  • Facebook Group (SOON)
Credit Card or Paypal
$ 1 / month Billed Quarterly
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
  • Frequent Updates
Credit Card or Paypal
$ 10 / year Billed Yearly
  • +350 Videos
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Community
  • Frequent Updates
Credit Card or Paypal

Cancel your subscription any time!

Initially, I wanted to make this course free, however, the costs associated with running this course are quite high! I have a team of 6+ people helping me keep everything up to date. Also, charging a small amount keeps spammers out of the course!

This course is also supported by donations from successful students to keep the costs for you as low as possible.

I want anyone to have access to this information. If you can not afford this course, contact me at [email protected] and I will give it to you for free. Please provide some sort of proof.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Affordable by anyone. No upsales. No risk.

Trustpilot Reviews

Matthew Hanna

Okay first off I’m not paid by Brock or...

Okay first off l’m not paid by Brock or any outside sources. I stumbled on his course when I was fully prepared to pay $2,000 for a different course. Why didn’t I? Brock’s story. You can tell a lot about a person from how they speak, and the life and struggles they’ve had. So I bought Brocks course and dove in to the videos! AWESOME information, easy to follow instructions and l’m looking forward to putting all that money I saved by not going with some guru’s course towards my first product! Thank you Brock I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness my friend! - Matt

Aug 15, 2019
Malcolm Slone

The only amazon FBA course

What to say? This guy is amazing! I am currently learning Amazon FBA and Brock was my saviour. Not only becouse he has given away over 300 educational videos with step by step tuition. There is also templates and a community of like minded people to bounce QnA off. His support team are on point with assistance and all this for $1 its unbelievable that he has given so much of his time to help others for basically tree from underdoggsd thank you Brock. All you other guys could learn from Brocks example give freely without expectation. Happines and health.

Aug 26, 2019
Jared Garza

Truly incredible

Truly incredible! Brock provides only top notch information and his highest priority goal is to make the biggest positive impact as possible on the world.

I too did not take the entrepreneurial leap until I realized my dream to help the most people that I can in my lifetime. I realized that in order to accomplish my dream I will need as much money as I can possibly get so that I can be a source of love, light, Hope, and healing for our world.


Brock is a kind genuine soul who has done so many amazing things already in his life but will accomplish so much more before his time is up.

Aug 31, 2019
Xavier Delacruz

So far the course is full of...

So far the course is full of information that’s actually useful. l’ve taken courses an most times they give you just enough information to make it seem like they’re trying to help you. Brock must really care because he’s actually going into detail on how everything works. l’m shocked as hell thats this course is $1. The only reason I believed Brock might be legit is, l’ve given out courses for free before so if l’m a person who genuinely wants to help people, I know there has to be more people like me out there. Once you get into the course there’s a lot of information an it seems like you have to do a lot to get the store up and running. It may seem like too much work but so is working for someone else. It takes more effort to work 20 to 40 more years to retire than to invest an get this all going. l’m excited!

Aug 25, 2019
Sebastian Nizinski

I know what you’re thinking... $1 ?!

I know what you’re thinking, $1?! Must be some useless information. You’re wrong! That will be the best $1 you have ever ‘wasted’ in your life. This course is Gold and Brock is such a funny guy to watch thank you for all your input Brock. You gave me more than confidence, you gave me hope. I started the course 2nd of September and just stormed thru the videos, it’s 5th of September and l’m already in touch with the factory about my first product. lt’s unreal how quick you can actually move when you take action. Thank you Brock.

Sep 6, 2019

When something this good comes up

When something this good comes up, you can't help but look for the catch, but watch a couple of Brook's YouTube videos and you get a good sense of who he is, and what he's about. It's like Pascal's wager; the risk is negligible, but the potential reward is infinite. I'm about a third of the way through this course, and I already know enough to start (and hopefully grow) my online business. It's no more of a get rich quick scheme than a university degree is, it's just much quicker, because it's concise. Oh, and it's virtually free!

Sep 24, 2019

Grateful for this Course.

This course is incredibly thorough and supportive.
There is a lot to take in when dealing with FBA and private labels and
sourcing. Brock Johnson is incredibly helpful when it comes breaking down the FBA process for the uninitiated. And for only a 1$! Check it out, and if you don’t feel like you derived any value from it you can get your dollar back.

A day ago
Chad Tabary

Great content. Honest content. Real content.

Great content. Honest content. Fleal content. Extensive content. Brock is talking about Amazon FBA from a wide range of eCommerce experience. There is zero upsell or bait and switch. It's exactly as he describes it and gets you right into the most important parts of building a commerce business.


Sep 22, 2019
Paul Jane Sugden

It is so refreshing to come across a...

It is so refreshing to come across a person of Brook's calibre. You certainly make the world a better place by giving and adding so much value! We are so grateful! Cheers Paul and Jane.


Aug 19, 2019

Best Amazon FBA Course out there

Honestly never met an Amazon FBA course like the Last Amazon Course. So much information and invaluable insight from mentors I could only wish to have. And at virtually no cost. Definitely the right first step towards mastering Amazon FBA.

Aug 10, 2019

Great Amazon Course

I love how he explains hes videos clear. And understantable and to the point. Lots of details i would have missed. Looking forward to the rest of the course great work brooke.


Sep 22, 2019

Great team!

The course is not only very vailuable. The team really wants to help you in all kind of ways. They are very friendly and reply on every e-mail. Very good place for inspiration, motivation, support and success.

Aug 19, 2019
Scott McGadden

Brock is a rock star and his course is...

Brock is a rock star and his course is even better - but in a different way. Lol!!

Aug 14, 2019

Simply incredible and life changing

Simply incredible and life changing. Brock is an amazing teacher and mentor.

Aug 17, 2019
Dimitar Tsonev

Love it

Love it. One of the best courses on FBA out there


Aug 15, 2019

Have already started the course of sorts, *listened to 2 lessons so far. Just thought l’d say thanks for making it real as opposed to flashy and fake. We shall see if l have what it takes and if l can fit it into my life to create a better one.

Richard Baez Jr

The Last Amazon Course

My wife and I are going through Brock Johnson's The Last Amazon Course and we are just blown out of the water with the value and the knowledge this man has. This course is an absolute no brainer for anyone interested in starting out in e-commerce. He explains the whole process and walks you step by step how it all goes. You will not be disappointed.

Aug 13, 2019
Huckle Berry

Came across an ad of Brock. Seemed legit so I decided to buy his course. After registering i didn 't find the time to start the course. A week later I've received an E-mail from Brock reminding me to start the course. After watching Level 1 i was addicted in the same second. Brock offers a close customer care. Can't wait to start with Level 3 tonight. Great content with an easy step by step course for the average Joe! Thanks to Brock & the team, keep on inspiring.


Ryan Walker

Brock is authentic and genuinely wants to help as many people as possible! The value I've received in this course is EASILY worth thousands of dollars, yet, he ‘s practically giving it away, and l couldn't be more grateful! Thank you, Brock!

Vi Nguyen Khanh Truong

l can see Brock has put so much efforts in every single video. His course provides such a very helpful resource for beginners as well as existing sellers. No non-sense no scams. l highly recommend.



This is a fantastic course. Brock is engaging, clear and informative. Above all, l have never paid one dollar for such amazing value, this course is worth considerably more. For one dollar, you can at least check it out and make up your own mind. You literally have nothing to lose.


Amazing amazon course! He has ingenious insight about the Amazon and very open to share his knowledge. l learnt a lot about every detail how to screen by screen. Even l could understand due his simple and visual way of teaching!



Brock is the next Steve Jobs. I wish Apple hire him and start making a right product again.

Ali Bokhari

Bro your a legend. an inspiration. Soar high champ. Thank you heaps man

Karim Maher

Such an Amazing course and it's almost free! Mind blowing.


I have made my way to freedom thanks man.

Facebook Comments

Udemy Reviews

Alex Baar

Brock exceeds all expectations. Great in depth course that covers everything. Brock also still ads new updated video's. Great that Brock decided to share all his knowledge and help others around the globe.

2 months ago
Kevin Roger Irwin

I was looking for a course that could help me step by step with my FBA business. It was broken up into small pieces so I couldjump to the areas that could help with immediate needs. This course was very helpful.

a month ago
Ellane Weedon

I really like how this isn't scripted. lt's like Brock is right here explaining something to me that he knows a lot about, and which he knows works because he's done it. So tar so good — I‘m feeling conticlent that this course will continue to be great value for money. He tells it like it is: there's no get-rich-quick scheme here; but if you put these principles into practice, I believe him when he says that success will come.

3 days ago

I'm into video 8 and omg you cannot go wrong with this guy! Brock Johnson gives you valuable detailed information, speaking from his personal experience and in-depth knowledge. lt is like sitting in a live class with the lecturer scribbling keywords and figures on the whiteboard and flipping through examples from the Amazon website. Make sure you have a pen and a notebook ready to jot down the important points. Valuablel Valuable course indeed!

6 days ago
Vitalij Kacanovskij

I really like it! The course is very deep in detail. Sometimes the response time is little slow, but Brock or some other person are still answering. What I like that he is making this course NOT BORING! It helps a lot :)

4 months ago
Ken Uchida

I am starting out on my FBA adventure. I have worked in business many years and like Brock's approach. He repeatedly says this is not a get rich quick scheme and speaks about ethical behaviour. He is not selling he is sharing his ideas.

2 months ago
Johnnic Lau

Lots of valuable insight from someone who has made lots of money on the platform... and plus I like that Brock shows us his journey from zero to hero on this Amazon fba marketplace. Thank you!

5 months ago
OliverAndr3w Li

Brock Johnson's course is packed full of information! Wish I had known about this a long time ago! Wicked awesome energy, wicked awesome person! Caution: You'll regret not taking this course...

6 months ago
Marie M.

It's great too see Brock Johnson in Udemy, his course is great. It you're curious, starting or already selling in Amazon.corn, no need to pay expensive courses about Amazon FBA.

4 months ago
Joseph McMillian

This course Worth 10000x the amount it is priced at. So much value and step by step action plans balanced with the right mentality. The conficlence booster for massive action.

5 months ago
Joanna Amar

Afterjust 2 video I am so excited an opportunist which I have in my hands. let's do this

25 days ago
Barrie Hamby

Brock has told me exactly what to expect from the course and I'm excited to learn!

a month ago
Naftali gertner

So far it's sounds amazing. I bought a nice cupple expensive online class and never clicked that fast with the instructor like him he sounds amazing and clear to the point and breaking it in small peaces. So even you are a beginner without any knowledge you will find yourself very comfortable with him and be able to follow up all along. And as he he is claims he is not just another online Guru. He have done that all making over 6 million dollars a year that can make you feel much more confident in listening to him to feel that you are not wasting your time with someone who just pretending that he knows it all. So guys if you really looking to make this jurny he is the guy who you are looking for. And since I made a lot of research on these sucseful dudes/millionaires most of tham won't shear their success & guides. So be thankful for him that he shears and gives us a chance to follow him. Give a big shout out "THANK YOU" and hope to follow step by step

5 months ago

The enthusiasm and passion of Brock Johnson in this course, grabbed my attention at each second of the course, a lot of efforts has been put into this course, it's rich of useful contents, techniques and strategies to make successful business.


It helps teach you the road map to the business rather than only fixed tips, it helps you gain the insights on how to deal with the emerging and changing market.


l definitely recommend it to anyone seek in-depth knowledge in Amazon FBA.





5 days ago
TheOneDarkGoddess Tih...

Brock seems to be offering, in this class, everything I wa nted to know how to do. At this point, after the second class, I am hopeful that this is actually the first, and last, class I will ever need on Amazon FBA. Brock seems to he energetic, well versed in the topics he is preparing to talk about and excited to do so... Cheers... l‘ll see you on the other side ;)

2 months ago
Sanjay Patel

WOW! I have been selling on Amazon and Wanted another perspective. I started with other courses and the depth that you get in this is FAR MORE and really it makes sense. It makes sense because it emphasis doing the work correctly i.e the pitfalls that I have experienced. lt is in depth then other courses but it is worth the time.

13 days ago
Carlos Castillo

After just 2 vids it's hard to give a extensive review. l just know that l am eager to learn this system. Atter seeing multiple vids on youtube from guys trying to sell $500. $1000 on up to $5000 courses, l feel that i might just learn everything I need from this course. We'll have to just wait and see but so far it's been A+.

2 months ago
Remy Ruozzi

No critics to make for improvement sorry, plus we appreciate that you are keen and humble which is sign of good pedagogy. You have been through every topics l was possibly concern about. This training looks massive, complete and in depth on important aspects. l can't wait to make it all, thanks!

3 months ago
Halena Curran

This course is "gold" for anyone wanting to start or scale their Amazon FBA private label business. Brock has created something brilliant, unique, comprehensive. Nothing cookie cutter. lt truly is an "encyclopedia" for FBA. Thanks for creating it.

7 days ago
Filipe Oliveira

What I like the most is how he goes beyond explaining just the fundamental and generic steps, to show hands on, through real examples, how we can execute each step. I'm only in the beginning of the course, but it tells genuine, very detailed and helpful.

14 days ago
Alessandro Bolo

Very helpful guide, not only on the business side but also on the human side, good lessons for the life. Every step and secton is deeply analyzed and explained.

4 days ago
Ash Jasin

I like that Brock focuses on describing the model of the business from a high level and goes through the product analysis framework in the early stage of the course.

6 days ago

The course is a bit big but the information is priceless very good overall and indepth dive into The amazon FBA private label business model. GOD BLESS YOU BROCK !!!

5 days ago
Edgar Mendoza

Brock strikes me as a legit person who cares and l can see of course that he is knowledgeable and intelligent, I want to have a teacher like him, not just someone selling a course just to make a buck.

13 days ago
Wasu Sooksomsod

So much value in this course. Great stuff

5 months ago
Alberto Stoppini Farang

A great work!! thank you!!!

4 months ago
Dasharathy N. Ramesh

Love his focus on taking action. I feel motivated - looking forward to learning and making money!

3 months ago
Brandon Rees

Great advice so far. Can’t believe the price for this course. I’ve seen the same into in other courses that are 100s of dollars.

25 days ago
Jeanette Whitten

I'rn learning lots, great speaker, very practical, seems up to date. I'm pleased with this course.

a month ago
Phillip Carter

Very informed teacher with great content and at a good pace for learning.

2 months ago
Damir galic

l just started and can tell that Dude knows what he is talking about.

10 days ago
Fanuel stephanus

If you are beginner or newbie... this course is 1000% for you...

3 months ago
Jonathan Smith

This course is perfect for me as a beginner, he has put so much time and effort into making this and it is by far the best I have seen on here. Many thanks. - Jonny.

6 days ago
Moshe Serfaty

It is amazing that such a good course is on Udemy for such a discount price. Other courses online cost thousands and are not any better

a month ago
Thomas Tingey

Having gotten a lot deeper into the course the material is fantastic, It takes a bit getting use to Brock's presentation style, but you can tell he's passionate about making you successful.

11 hours ago
Alfredo Reyes

I am a relatively new seller and so far this course is helping me maximize my listings and really take a wide view of my business. thanks Brock! you are a great teacher.

19 hours ago

Youtube Comments


Hi Brock! First Thank You VERY MUCH! It would be great to have the PAYPAL option. TIP: Like me I think more people would be more thanhappy to pay more than $1 dollar just to show GRATITUDE for what you are doing , what about adding a OPEN PRICE SIGN UP? so you can select how much to pay starting at $1.00 For sure you are giving GREAT VALUE... and much more you will get back! Thanks!

1 year ago
Jon Krause

Awesome metaphor with bamboo tree. Just started learning about FBA and your simple math not only validates this is right, but saw your 7 failures story and epic persistence. Product research is #1 and equally important of understanding FBA; committed to doing it, but not following other courses. Thanks for S1 course and will enroll. Congrats on your patience and success.

8 months ago
Stefan Koenen

I just bought your Amazon course because I finally received my Mastercard that I got to be able to buy your course. Just watched 2 videos so far, but I love the mission you set yourself and can't wait to get started beginning ofthe new year with your, Samer brax and Matt's guidance. Btw if you didn't know I'm from Germany. Thanks bro you are the best!

10 months ago

Hey brock, I love watching your videos! I watched your entire course and will be launching my second product in mid december. Are you doing any mentorships for your serious students in the course?


I would love to get one on one advice and be a testimony to your course!

10 months ago
Nuha Shawahna

Today I just started one of your courses on Udemy, and I liked your passion and enthusiasm in what you do, I like your philosophy on helping others make their life better, I got all this from the first video of your course "The Last Amazon FBA Course - 2019 Private Label Guide" this led me to search about you on YouTube, and I found this video, at the beginning I felt sad that you are leaving, because I extremely liked your vision and philosophy, inspite of knowing that you'll stop being Youtuber, I subscribed and enabled notifications, the surprise was when I continued watching the video, and knew that you will still there, I can't wait to listen from you, and watch all your upcoming videos, I appreciate what you do for others, and I feel the same, so I will make my life better and help others make their life better, Thank you very much.

4 days ago
Simone Proudlock

Hey Brock! Ijust signed up for your course I'm looking forward to going through it. Your passion and dedication is inspirational! I have been watching all your videos afterjust having a spinal operation, so a lot of down time!


Thanks again for sharing with the world everything you have learnt, I have already started to take on board your direction and avoid first timer pitfalls.


I booked china to go to canton fair this year however due to unexpected operation moved it to April/May 2020. Will you be going next year to the Canton fair would love to meet up :)


4 months ago
Littleshoes in Spain

You are a beast! I am taking your course and it is the best thing since sliced bread! So much valuable and unique info. Thank you so much for sharing all this wisdom for free (well, for $1... lol)

11 months ago
Julian Rae

Brock, I've got my feet wet with Amazon doing RA for the last two months. I'm just about to dive into your course and l just want to say thank you, you are a serious inspiration!

9 months ago

Thank you so much Brock for this course. I am just starting with it but I'm impressed, it's so comprehensive. Can't believe you are giving away this knowledge for a dollar. Recommend this to anyone who is thinking about amazon business. Thanks again Mark from Europe.

1 year ago
Larry Luu

Holy F****!!! This guy is LEGIT! He just wants to give value. I looked into his course a bit and holy shit!! YOU'RE LEGIT! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You're a good person and i honestly hope all the best from you. You will impact people's lives. Thank you

1 year ago

Your course full with a lot of information Thank you for running this website and keeping a lot of us well informed 1 dollar is nothing compare to the value of the course

1 year ago

Last week I had the first time watched your video on youtube and after 5 hours, I had bought your Amazon FBA course on Udemy


3 months ago
Bradley Barks

Loving the course and thank you for this great video too, Brock. You sharing your knowledge and ideas is amazing. THANK YOU!

1 year ago
Yannis Vlahos

Your course has changed my life. Thanks man, you're an awesome person!!!

1 month ago

Yo Brock, I took your course and I am launching my first product this month

11 months ago
Kermell Montalvo

Thank you for the course. Its awesome and very well done


7 months ago

Instagram Comments


Agreed brock. It really sucks (most of the time) on social. However social media also has some good if you look for it and it led me to you. Youre amazon course so far is freakin amazing. That much value for that price doesnt exist anymore. Truly found a unicorn by finding your training. Thank you. Also wanted to run a question by you. Ive run it by a few other ppl some ppl say its really dumb some say its a potential cash cow. Just wanted to hear your thoughts if possible. Thanks again and hope to hear back from you

8W     1 like     Reply

I'm a beginner and just made decision to purchase your $1 course..and I can't wait to try... I'm so glad and grateful to find your course online, cos in my country, Indonesia, that course is worth $5000, where it is impossible for ordinary people like me to enroI... again thanks to your golden heart to share the knowledge, I hope I can change my life for the better. Many thanks from Indonesia, and May God bless you and family...


19W     Reply

I just got into your course man. I really appreciate it! I hope l can turn this info into something that can get me out of customer service. CS is ruining my life. I've already learned quite a lot from you, you're my favorite YouTuber. If you’re ever in Washington state and feel like hiking to the top of a mountain hit me up. I know all the good spots! Hope you're doing well!

58W     Reply

Thanks for putting it together man, I quit my job today because I want to work for myself 2018 BL create a clothing brand with what I think is an amazing niche. Feel like this is perfect timing because I was just thinking about trying to sell on Amazon fba and see this as I'm walking out my job rn.

Appreciate it

61W     1 like     Reply

Just came across your program and page today @officialbrockjohnson. Finally I have found someone inspiring and really wanting to share knowledge. Your 10 min video with Gary were inspirational. Keep doing what you do best. The world def needs more people like you.

58W     Reply

I'm on the way to become a bun man @officialbrockjohnson also on the way to take action after a few more videos of your course. Best course in the world! ls there any specific or extremely important videos you recommend watching before taking action?


6W     3 likes     Reply

Just started to take your amazon course and it's pure gold! thank you for having the humility and kindness to make it available for literally everyone who wants to get better at e-commerce - I'm sure life will make it up to you... the universe gives to the givers. Aspiring to be one day like you, keep the good work coming!

14W     1 like     Reply

@officialbrockjohnson this is so amazing, im already starting to watch them, thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge of sharing and to know there's hope for complete beginners like me who have yet to start!


53W     2 likes     Reply

You are a great inspiration bro! Heading to Chinese Consulate right now for Visa...Canton Fair and Global Sources next step!! Big shame you are not talking there, but I'm going there thanks to you!

6W     1 like     Reply

And goes to show why you are in the top 2% of $ makers through tenacious efforts? Course was awesome! Got my product sample enroute from Taiwan and should be selling shortly there after.

28W     1 like     Reply

Hey brock im sending postive vibes and good energy your wayjust wanna let you know i took action launched my product and already started making sales all thanks to you! Get well soon brother much love - josiah

39W     1 like     Reply

You are the best mentor i ever have exprienced. Am from India and a student of MBA. Am giving my best with your 1$ course...The best 1$ of my life and will soon Iauch my ist product... just because of you sir... thankcccc alottttttt

35W     Reply

Brock your amazon course is amazing. So much content though. Do you recommend watching the whole thing before we start or kinda dabble while were doing it?

6W     Reply

@officialbrockjohnson you're already changing my lite with your Amazon course brock. One day I'll get a picture with you and be posting on insta like this. Thanks for being a wonderful mentor.

14W     1 like     Reply

I'm watching the heck out of ur Udemy course right now, can only imagine what you're up to with those trees

3W     Reply

HI Brock, just to say thanks for opening my eyes. I am now comiting to myself and you by way of doing. Thank you.

10W     Reply

Just as good of advice as your Amazon course. You're a legend Brock!


11W     2 likes     Reply

Doing your course man. It's helping my mental health too. You are a Legend

13W     Reply

Hi Brock! I hope you are ok and recovering well. Just wanted to let you know I love your course! You are an inspiration as a coach, but also as a person :)

18W     Reply

Just started watching your course and it already answered most of my questions. Very helpful, I'm so grateful. Can't wait to finish it.


35W     Reply

Your course is the best soon I will launch my first product you're 1 dollar course made that possible and the way you analyze and explain stuff is off the charts, THANK YOU

35W     6 likes     Reply

I'm a huge animal lover so volunteer work for animal shelters light me up, or hanging with my 2 pups. Btw your course is epic Brock, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

44W     1 like     Reply

I'm very grateful to give us the opportunity to have a COMPLETE course on Amazon for just $1 @officialbrockjohnson

35W     Reply

@officialbrockjohnson you definitely got mine. Thx for ur amazing course, I learned a lot and am still learning

58W     1 like     Reply

Hey brock its nice to see that out and i know you are pushing foward! l just wanted to let you know my product is now on the first page i've been selling really well and it's all thanks to your training i have no words but thank you and godspeed man much love

31W     Reply

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